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Attention, all CM bloggers! Please free to snag this photo, stick it in the sidebar of your blog & link it back to this page. That way, everybody can find out more about the Charlotte Mason blog carnival! Also, carnival hostesses should try to place it somewhere within each carnival post.

(Scroll down for a list of FAQs about the CM Blog Carnival)


Upcoming dates for the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival
Carnivals are linked once posted. Submit posts anytime to charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (dot) com!



Hostesses listed in italics are unconfirmed. Please contact me if you see your name listed and need to confirm, or if you are available as a back up hostess for that date. Thanks!

January 14th - Fisher Academy 
June :: Summer edition
December :: Holiday edition



(Links to reading selections are from School Education, vol.3)

January - Some Unconsidered Aspects of Physical Training - Chapter 10
14th @ Letters from Nebby 
28th @ Joyous Lessons

February - Some unconsidered aspects of Intellectual Training - Chapter 11
11th @ Aut2BhomeinCarolina
25th @ Journey & Destination

March - Some unconsidered Aspects of Moral Training - Chapter 12
11th @ Dewey's Treehouse
25th @ The Winding Ascent

April - Some unconsidered Aspects of Religious Training - Chapter 13
8th @ North Laurel
22nd @ Fisher Academy

May - A Master Thought - Chapter 14
6th @ Dewey's Treehouse
20th @ Living CM in California




January 8 - New Year Edition: Favorite CM Moment! - Holisitic Homeschooler
January 22 - Self Education (Ch1) - Journey & Destination
February 5 - Born Persons / Nature of a Child (Ch 2&3) - Grace to Abide
February 19 - Proper use of Authority (Ch4) - Delightful Education
March 5 - Sacredness of Personality (Ch5) - Living CM in California
March 19 - Education is an Atmosphere (Ch6) - Windy Hill Homeschool
April 2 - Education is a Discipline (Ch6) - North Laurel
April 16 - Education is a Life (Ch6) - Harmony Arts
April 30 - Making use of Mind (Ch7) - Afterthoughts
May 14 - Way of the Will (Ch8) - Dewey's Treehouse
May 28 - Way of Reason (Ch9) - The Winding Ascent
June 11 - Summer Edition: What we love MOST about CM!! - Simply Charlotte Mason
June 25 - Knowledge of God (Ch10,pt1) - Higher Up and Further In
July 9 - Knowledge of Man: History (Ch10, pt2a) - Piney Woods
July 23- Knowledge of Man: Literature (Ch10, pt2b) - Journey & Destination
August 6 - Knowledge of Man: Citizenship (Morals & Economics) (Ch10, pt2c) - The Common Room
August 20 - Knowledge of Man: Composition (Ch10, pt2d) - Epikardia
September 3 - Back to School Edition: CM Planning and Organization! - Our Journey Westward
September 17 - Knowledge of Man: Languages (Ch10, pt2e) - Fisher Academy
October 1 - Knowledge of Man: Art & Music (Ch10, pt2f) - I Will Lift Up
October 15 - Knowledge of the Universe: Science (Ch10, pt3a) - HNS blog
October 29 - Knowledge of the Universe: Geography (Ch10, pt3a) - TBA
November 12 - Knowledge of the Universe: Math (Ch10, pt3b) - Aut2bhomeincarolina
November 26 - Knowledge of the Universe: Physical Development & Handicrafts (Ch10, pt3c) - Hunsucker's Home
December - Holiday Edition: Celebrating the Year! - Fisher Academy



1/10 - Favorite CM moment! (SCM)
1/24 - Imagination (FisherAcademy)
2/7  - Nature Study (HNS blog)
2/21 - Education is an Atmosphere (ourjourneywestward)
3/6 - Poetry (Living CM in California)
3/20 - Education is a Discipline (epikardia)
4/3 - Living Books (jimmie's collage)
4/17 - Foreign Language (North Laurel)
5/1 - 20 Principles {intro} (FisherAcademy)
5/15 - Education is a Life (Delightful Education)
5/29 - Celebrate Summer Holidays edition! (Holistic Homeschooler)
6/12 - Principle #1. (Under An English Sky)
6/26 - Principles #2, 3 & 4 (Piney Woods)
7/10 - Principles #5-8 (Where the Blacktop Ends)
7/24 - Principle #9-10 (Epikardia)
8/7 - Principle #11 (Jimmie's Collage)
8/21 - Principle #12 (Handbook of Nature Study Blog)
9/4 - What we love most about a CM education! (change: FisherAcademy)
9/18 - Principle #13 (CM in the city)
10/2 - Principles #14 - 15 (North Laurel)
10/16 - Principles #16-17 (CM in California)
10/30 - Principles #16-18 (OurJourneyWestward)
11/13 - Principle #19 (SCM)
11/27 - Principle #20 (SeeJamieBlog)
12/11 - Holidays Edition (FisherAcademy)
*break until after the New Year*



* CM series vol.6 pg 94-99
* PR article, The Atmosphere of Home by M. F. Jerrold
* Vol.2 pgs 60-68 and 173-177
* PR article: Discipline 
* Volume 3, School Education, pgs 152–156
* Volume 6, A Philosophy of Education, pgs 104–111.
Living Books – 4/19 (why we use them, our favorites, choosing books, definition of, etc)
* Volume 6, pgs 213-218
* Parent's Review article, "On Exhibitions", part one & part two
* Volume 1, pgs. 96-164
Narration - 5/31
Nature Study - 6/14
* CM series: Vol.1, pg43 - 93
Handicrafts - 6/28 
* CM Series: vol. 3 (the entire book would be good... ;)  pg 160 - 163
* PR Article: Education is a Life
History - 9/27
* CM Series: Vol.6 pg.300ff
* PR Article: The Open Road
* Parent's Review article on Dictation.
* PR articles: Holiday Amusements 
Music Appreciation & Composer Study - 12/6
Book of Centuries/Timelines (a form of vitality) - 12/20
* Parent's Review articles: The Book of Centuries & The Teaching of Chronology

(please feel free to leave a comment suggesting a theme or reading selection)



Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: A bi-monthly event for families using Charlotte Mason's educational
philosophy to be challenged, share ideas and inspiration, and get to know one another! 

{An online Charlotte Mason support group! }

What is a blog carnival? How does it work?
When will it take place?
What does one need to know about submitting a post?
How might one submit a post?
Posting schedule? (see above)
Upcoming topics
So what's with the changes?

ahh... the lovely lady herself :)

What is a blog carnival? How does it work?
A 'blog carnival' is a community blog post where lots of different people have submitted their own posts on a common subject or theme.  For example, Mary posts a blog post (in our case, CM related) and submits the post using the form here. Jane, the carnival host puts all the posts together and posts the carnival post to her blog.  In her post, Jane writes a short summary with a link back to all the blogs who've submitted posts to that carnival (including Mary's post as well as Elizabeth, and Katherine and any others who have submitted their posts).

When will it take place?
This blog carnival has been on-going for several years and will continue to take place bi-monthly (every other Tuesday)... the calendar will be posted below. 
Keep forgetting? Send me an e-mail to be added to the reminder list, just put 'CM blog carnival reminder' in the subject line.

What does one need to know about submitting a post?
As this is a Charlotte Mason blog carnival, it goes without saying that posts ought to be in line with her educational philosophy. (In doubt?  Read the volumes online here.)

First of all, see the schedule of current and upcoming post topics.  Read the current reading suggestion when possible.  Your post might include your take on the topic being discussed, thoughts about what you're learning from the reading, or how you're applying CM theories in your home, etc., etc. 

Have you already written your post, and it has nothing to do with the current theme?  Feel free to submit your post as long as it is in line with CM philosophy and it will be listed in the carnival under miscellaneous posts. Do you have an older post that fits perfectly? Please share!! Or, do a re-post from the archives... whatever floats your boat.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to holler!

How might one submit a post?
Click the link below and fill out the online form to submit your post to the upcoming carnival.

So what's with the changes?
The Charlotte Mason blog carnival has been a wonderful resource for the online CM community for several years now!  A place where CM bloggers have come to share their knowledge and experience, and we've all learned so much from each other!  Occasionally, in the past the carnival featured a themed post, see this post on habits for example, that now serves as a resource to revisit.
One treasured CM blogger wrote this:
I was recently looking back through the archives of the CM Carnival because I knew we had a complete carnival dedicated to the topic of habits. I got to digging around and one thing led to another and soon I was enjoying many of our "themed" carnivals. I realized that these were so enriching and deep in content and very enjoyable to read when they were published. They are now a great resource!
Lately, we've all just been submitting hodgepodge CM posts (and there's nothing wrong with that!).  But, you may have noticed that the carnival is in need of some rejuvenation?  Well, we've decided to go ahead and try some experimental changes with the carnival meant to breathe some new life into it!  We hope that the changes will serve to maintain the CM blog carnival as an encouragement, but also give us some options and add an element to hopefully challenge us as well. 

So, there will be a theme posted every month (see above list for examples), as well as an accompanying reading selection from CM's volumes (on the same topic). From there, we're all free to submit what we've learned, how we apply it in our homes, or whatever strikes our fancy. If you have an older post that's totally on-topic, feel free to submit that too. And if you read a great post online that has something to do with the theme, feel free to suggest a link to that post as well. Would you rather post on something not at all on topic but still CM related? No problem! Please submit it! We welcome any and all Charlotte Mason education related posts at every carnival.

As we are all unique, with a different levels of knowledge and experience with Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy, all coming from differing backgrounds and living situations, we all have something really special to contribute!!

And, if we hate the changes, we can always go back to the way things were, no harm done, right?

This is the vintage CM Blog Carnival logo, replaced in 2011

Please e-mail me if you would like more information or if you are interested
in hosting the carnival on your blog!  
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