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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nature Study

An American Sparrow-Hawk paid us a visit this week WHILE we were doing nature study! What beautiful timing the Lord has!

As the kids and I were sitting reading in Handbook of Nature Study by Ann Comstock, the kids decided we'd learn about reptiles. After all, just last week they brought home a 10+ foot skin of a Montona snake from the Amazon regions of our jungle. So, we read the whole section on snakes. EEEUWWWW! I do NOT like snakes. But I find reading about them in a book a thousand times more pleasant than studying the live version, let me assure you!

Just as we were finishing up the section, a spotted sparrow hawk landed on our brick wall. It was there just for a few minutes, and I could not be dissuaded from attempting to retrieve my camera to get a permanent record of our welcome and admired guest... however he would not be persuaded to sit still for the photo and promptly left. Sad. Oh well, we will not soon forget him.

Then, as Science/Nature Study was on our schedule for Mondays, we finished our reading in the morning and then had a time-slot for an hour in our city's Botanical Garden in the afternoon. We witnessed them feeding the pigeons (they have several nests where they breed them, and harvest their eggs... they eat them!). We got up and close to the llama, but mostly just really enjoyed the pigeons. We proceeded to read the section in HNS on pigeons and answer the questions. All of us formed a relationship as Charlotte would say, with pigeons... which was a huge gain. I will post photos later on...


What a pleasure Nature study was for us this week!

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