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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nature Study in your own backyard

Grow your OWN tree!

I've always wanted to grow a tree from an avocado pit! Ever since as an adult I learned that you could. It's every kids' dream (or should be) to grow a tree from a seed... and I've never done it...
'til now.

Avocados are SO good - though only one of my kids is smart enough to eat them.
They are SO good for you!
...and it's educational! :)

We're going to do it!

If you want to do it with us, post me a comment - we can compare notes :)

Instructions: Get yourself an avocado. Peel and eat it. Clean the pit, stick 3-4 toothpicks (or in our case nails) strategically about 1/2" into it to hold it over water in a cup (or jar as you can see I did). The idea is to keep the bottom half in water so that it can grow roots and the top (pointy) part out of the water in order to sprout. (I've tried putting the whole thing in, it doesn't work!)
Put in a sunny window. I'll update when I get to the transplant stage...

Links with how-to's:
For kids: Click here
For grown-ups or kids: Click here


6intow said...

We're about three years into our avocado experiment, and I think we might get an avocado off of it in another 10 years or so. :-) I think we need to move somewhere warmer to really have success with this. We do have a really big pot ready for transplanting soon.

Have fun! You definitely live in the better climate for this project.

amy in peru said...


That is really FUNNY! I'm sure it does take a while! hahahahah.

Yeah, I'm hoping that it will grow faster here in the tropics!

You are such a great mom to be living out childhood dreams with your children ;)


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