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Monday, June 8, 2009

CM on Habits and the Sinful Nature

A Childlight article: Flesh and Blood by Art Middlekauff

Very good. Reconciles the seeming parodox between forming habits as a means of acquiring 'holiness' and sanctification by the work of the Holy Spirit. He quotes extensively and knowledgeably from Charlotte's works.

"Whether invisible prayer or tangible “ruts” in the brain, all of these are from God, to sanctify us, and make us like His Son." ~ quoted from article

She quotes this from an article in the old Parents' Reviews, from 1902, called Limitations of Theory:
"I believe strongly in the importance of cultivating right habits, and in the power they exert over us; but sometimes I have felt that there was a danger of putting habit almost in the place of God--of thinking that everything can be accomplished by careful training, and that a child can simply, by care and watchful oversight, be turned out a great and good character. Valuable as habit is, it cannot renew the heart, and the mother who trusts entirely to her training is in danger of sad disappointment. It seems to me that those who place too great importance on habit run the risk of leaving God no room to work.
... To change an old saying, we might say, "Habit is a good servant, but a bad master." What is done merely through habit is more or less mechanical, and there is a danger of want of adaptation to surroundings in those who are too much bound by it."
I have noted that quote before, and still have yet to wrap my whole mind around the concept and place of habits. They are SO useful a tool... and yet nothing more than a tool. May habit training alone not become our whole goal and focus.


Cindy said...

Hey, where's that living math post?? :o)

Your blog is outstanding and I'm adding it to my Bloglines account now!

amy in peru said...


hehe. Well, it's in drafts! I've been seriously distracted by A Woman Inspired online conference. Get this: I was actually trying to listen to the sessions live! hahahah. That's funny. No such luck. I gave up this morning after already having missed half! :)
Regular life just does not stop and wait for these kinds of things!

Thanks for the reminder!

I'm going to post the living math post next! ;)

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