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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A peek at what's been happening in July...

Classes have been on semi-hold for 2 weeks. We only have 2 weeks of schoolwork left to finish off the school year by the end of this month. August will be back to basics; just math, copywork, and reading. Even though we have a year-round schedule, can we call this our summer holiday?


Yay. It is a much needed slow time. Of course life hasn't slowed down, just school, for now. We are all very much looking forward to starting the next year's readings... At the end of August, I'll be making a trip back to the US to get all our AO year 5 books. Yay!

The kids are playing Webkinz (thanks Hammy!) it is totally a group affair. They all like to help,
advise and watch each other build their webkinz's rooms, play games, open mail, etc., etc.

So, that's why we've been apparently missing in action and will probably remain so for a little while, at least 'til we get back to Tarapoto, I'm guessing. Unless I can sneak in a couple already-in-progress posts here and there ;)

I am mulling over some new post ideas and hope to finish up the following post subjects...

Living Math - parts 2 & 3
Portfolios of Kids' work
Bible Study
Keeping Preschoolers Busy
An Open House
Learning Spanish
etc, etc.

So, we will see :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



5intow said...

Our kids enjoy webkinz, too. I love how they all get involved in it together, very cute!

We are doing AO year 5 this year, too. I decided to lump my kids together in two groups rather than making myself nuts with 4 different years. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for stopping in. You are often in our prayers.

Jeanne said...

Enjoy your summer, guys!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

My boys love their Webkinz! For some reason, it's one of the few video/computer games that doesn't bring out a slight attitude in them. So it's usually an okay'd activity here.

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