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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Savory Squirrel Bakes

Today is a fun day for reading blogs... you know in the cracks when we're not celebrating a birthday!

I contributed several of my posts to both the Charlotte Mason Carnival of Blogs and the Carnival of Homeschooling, both are up today.  Grab a cuppa something and have a read ;)

Today for Cullen's birthday, Javen's contribution was a special lunch!  See what he made for his brother?!

Savory Squirrel Bakes

For the last couple years the boys have been REALLY into reading the Redwall series.  While this series may be classified as 'twaddle' by CM purists, it certainly isn't dumbed down.  The animal characters all have unique accents and tendencies, for example the rabbits throughout the series are always a favorite, because according to Javen, 'they're hilarious and they've got English accents'.  Uncle Stevie and Aunt Bethany (more fotos here) bought Javen The Redwall Cookbook when they came to visit and he's been begging ever since to cook something from it.  Today was the day.  How much more special of a birthday present could you conceive of on your 11th birthday than a special meal cooked by your 12 year old brother?!  Well, I thought it was pretty special indeed.

It was also kind of an educational experience as well.  Here's how:
  • First, he had to make a shopping list (he copied down all the ingredients),
  • he helped me translate it to Spanish to take to the market,
  • then he had to translate the whole recipe in order to tell Marmee (our house helper) how she could help (peel, grate, etc.) in Spanish,
  • he had to follow the recipe... measure, use the timer, etc.
  • and he got cooking experience!  
Now, the meal was a little plain and wouldn't have been enough if I hadn't thrown a couple of chicken breasts on the grill... but hey, for a first meal, he did GREAT!!  :)  And I was SO proud of him as the idea was entirely his own... ahhhh.  So perfect.

PS. Be honest, how many from the title actually thought we'd cooked squirrels?! hahahahahah!


North Laurel said...

I was wondering... at first, based solely on the title, I thought it was a treat for the squirrels! My kids and I helped make polar bear cookies at the Oregon Zoo a few years ago. They're not made outta polar bears ;) but the bears really liked them!
Based on the picture I thought they may have been made from squirrel and yes, my face screwed up in an 'ew!' expression :) heehee

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday, Cullen! And what a special present, Javen. Superb effort there.

You must tell us more about the markets sometime. Pics would be interesting as well :)

Glad to hear what you think about Redwall. Lots of homeschoolers love it - it can't be too twaddly!! (Or can it?)

Silvia said...

I did...yes, knowing YOU, I thought you had cooked squirrels.
And CM purists...OVERRATED.

Diane said...

well even Oma thought you made squirrel meat..( you know you do eat strange things in Peru).. Remember we did make "Pinecone Pie" at our house one year....But I am VERY proud of Javen for making the dinner from start to finish.. good job.. and it looks very good.. Goes to show Birthday presents do not have to be expensive, just from the heart..Once again, Happy Birthday Cullen

Diane said...

I love it!!!! I miss you guys.... Sarah

Richele said...

What a birthday!

Brian Jacques considered twaddle? I take it your family is actually part of the resistance and you are in hiding from the CM police then.

Okay, I grew up in Iowa where we ate roasted squirrel so I didn't bat an eyelash.

I know you were in Iowa and wonder if you know my sis. Did you know there is a Tuttle that wrote in the Parents' Review and my friends' down the street have a missionary card on their fridge for Tuttles in the Ukraine? Wondering how many degrees of separation there actually are between us.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I thought for sure you cooked squirrel!

I can't believe YOU of all people would be so deceptive. hmph.

Where's the fun in eating CHICKEN?

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