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Saturday, November 6, 2010

in a nature study quandary

So, one day, imagine you find a nest of 6 baby rats in your yard. What on earth are you to do with the things? They're too cute and helpless to kill, and yet, you don't really want your entire yard crawling with the things until they reach adolescence so that you can dispose of them with a clean conscience... 

I mean, after all, they are definitely no federal laws protecting these vermin like over at Jeanne's place.

[read here to find out the rest of the story]

We had a lot of fun studying the cutesy little things while they were still cute.

We even read about Robber the Rat in Burgess Animal Book this week. 


So what would you have done?  


Mel said...

Eek! I'd have probably given in peer pressure (ie. my children!) and kept them for a week. Only a week though! Then....hubby would have stepped in to give a lesson in responsible culling! What did you do?? :)

Deedee said...

I HATE these things and I'm afraid nature lovers or not - it would have been the exterminator in our house!!! Yikes! I can barely look at your pictures! - Deedee

amy in peru said...

a week. yes, that sounds just about right...

but you'll have to read the rest of the story from the link as I don't want to give it away!! ;)

maybe I'll have to save that for a post of its own... ;)

But, though I cannot say that I *like* rodents, I now am quite calm about them living in my roof and in my backyard... I do NOT like them inside my house! The problem really was that these ones while cute little (REALLY cute actually), get quite ugly as adults.

Plus, FIVE of them?!

Nancy Kelly said...

You need a separate blog just for all your extreme nature study adventures! Oh, my, you get the good-CM-homeschool-mommy award in my book. {shudder}

So, did you draw them? I'd love to see the drawings.

And thank goodness for Burgess!


Anonymous said...

We found a mouse in our bathtub a while back. I caught it using a mason jar. It latch on to the rim of the jar and clawed its way back out a few times so it took a bit to catch it. I tried hard not to scream, but I really wanted to catch and observe it since we are homeschoolers and all.

Mousie sat in the jar overnight and quietly disappeared the next day, my hubby took care of him.

If we found some babies that we could raise, then I'd do little research and see if someone with snakes would take them later. If not, I think they'd disappear like our jar mouse. Wanna see him?

Bethany said...


as much as I hate to say it.

I would have jumped up and down, shaking my hands, and screaming--something like DADDY!!!!!EWW!!!!DADDY!!!!

The pictures are cute though. :)

Diane said...

OK this will have to go by the way side by next week when we get there, or I will be sleeping standing up.....Oh My goodness. EEEEKKKKKKKK

Pamela said...

How cute! And how great for your kids to get "hands on" experience with wildlife. But, we all know that rodents won't be that cute when grown. I think I'd take them someplace far away and release them after we played and studies them a bit.

walking said...

Wimp out and wonder what it's like by reading A Tarantula in My Purse with my daughter instead of doing the real deal . . . LOL

We have been keeping real insects this year, so I am growing! LOL

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