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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CM Blog Carnival on Narration is up!

Oh dear. I've really up and done it now... I'm super late in announcing this Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival! You didn't get a mid-week reminder note either?! That would be totally my fault too. Will you so graciously forgive? My totally viable excuse is that we haven't had an internet connection since we left Houston two Mondays ago... and yes, there were McDonald's and Starbucks along the highways and byways, but we've had nothing but straight driving 56 of the last 120 hours!  Please accept my sincere apologies.  I cannot assure you that it will never happen again, but I can assure you that I hope it will never happen again! ;)

Thankfully, the blog carnival is up and running despite my failures... !

Announcing the most recent edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: the Grand Canyon!!

The topic for the next CM carnival is (everyone's favorite!):

The reading selections are as follows:

Yay! I can't wait for this edition!!!  I hope you will consider posting this time around even if you normally don't!  Get outside and do some nature study or consider submitting an older post on Nature Study?! Please make sure to submit your posts for the upcoming carnival by no later than 6/13 at 5pm (otherwise it will be auto-postponed until the next carnival by


I'm sitting in McDonald's using free Wi-Fi, celebrating the eve of the final day of travels... woohoo!

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