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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some nature study inspiration.

As I have been home from church today with a sickly little, I have had some extra time for scouring the web for school stuff this Sunday.  I've gotten a LOT done, but in the last hour I got a little sidetracked looking again for nature study inspiration. Here are some links I (re)discovered featuring all kinds of ideas for adding interest to being outside...

Mind you, not everything mentioned in the following links is something we would do even if we could, but nonetheless there are many ideas to choose from.

Interpret all of the following links in light of this first one, Is Your Nature Study Living or an Educational Activity?

ChildlightUSA post by Art Middlekauff on creating intimacies with nature, As For Knowing the Thing Itself.

I've found the observations in the following post to be true to my own experiences with my own nature study book, Nature Study and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain:
"Careful observation enhances the student’s brain by increasing neural pathways. First, observation vastly increases knowledge about the subject being studied. It is only through looking that students will realize red maple leaves typically have three large points, two small points, and jagged edges. Observation also trains the mind to pay attention to and realize the importance of details."
Pretty much everything you might like to know about creative ways to incorporate nature study

This is an EXCELLENT post... 19 can-do Nature Walk Variations

Nature Study option for urban dwellers at REI?

Free watercolor tutorials for your nature study book!

Do you have any not to be missed online resources for nature study?  Do share!  ;)

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