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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Carnival coming up...

Don't forget to submit your CM related blog posts to the upcoming CM Blog Carnival on 4/17!

Please visit and share with us at the CM blog carnival! We'd love to have you!

Send your name and a link by e-mail to: charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (d0t) com.

The normal submission form on does not work and we have no way to find out who tried or not. It is likely we have no record of your submission. Urgh. So, please send a link to the e-mail above.

The theme for the carnival which will be posted this upcoming Tuesday is: Foreign Language. Find out about extra reading selections here. As always ALL CM related posts are welcome and WANTED! The theme is only for if you don't have your own ideas of what you want to post about!! Don't let the theme stump you, be creative! Everyone has something to share!! :)

Schedule of upcoming CM Blog Carnivals and themes can be found here.

All posts submitted before 5pm (PST) will be included in the upcoming carnival, posts submitted after that time will be included in the next carnival. :)

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