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Saturday, June 30, 2012

What do Plutarch and the NBA draft have in common?

Dion of Syracuse! Of course.
We're reading about this one in Plutarch...
Dion (Δίων 408–354 BC), tyrant of Syracuse in Sicily, was the son of Hipparinus, and brother-in-law of Dionysius I of Syracuse.

Time of Dion, Dio or Deon, Tyrant of Syracuse, 367-366 and 357-353 BC
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This one was just picked fourth in the NBA draft... Cavaliers Take Syracuse’s Dion Waiters With No. 4 Pick

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Ancient meets modern.

Random connection.



amyinperu said...

and i you. :D

Jimmie Lanley said...

You are a nerd. And I love you!

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