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Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's a jungle in here!

That's right. It's a jungle IN here... meaning, in my house.
We live in the jungle, and sometimes we've found it's difficult to keep the jungle outside the house.

We've found tarantulas, centipedes, lizards, rats, and get this... the latest find was a snake, INSIDE our house. So, you can imagine my dismay at people's terrified state when having been called upon to kill a spider that's like a whole inch in diameter!
No really, I understand.
I used to be that way.


So, wanna see the snake? He was just a little guy (40ish cm).

Oh, and they say he's blind... which might even make you feel a little sorry for him. But he isn't really. I was happy to discover he was nonvenomous and that he is helpful. He eats stinging ants and their larvae. So, he's one of the good guys. Now that you know a little more about him, would you like to keep him as a pet? 

I thought about it.

But my husband forbade me. Yes, that man who brought home a baby alligator. Yep, he's the one. That, and our pets don't tend to fare well for some reason (except the parrot, he's good now that he's in a cage). So, after we got a real good look, we let the not-really-blind snake go.

Oh, and here's who I found last night near the bathroom...

He's pictured slightly bigger than life size, at 9cm-ish.
He's missing some legs, but don't let him fool you or make you sorry for him.
He's full grown, he bites and he's poisonous.
I smashed him flatter than a pancake!

It's FUN to share and encourage each other with nature study!
That's why I'm linking up again this month, with Nature Study Monday: November.
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Tammy Glaser said...

I had to lift my feet off the ground after I read that post! Ahhhhh!! What about the rat?

amyinperu said...

yeah. i guess we've had a lotta action around here in the last few days! it's not usually quite so... wild. :)
i think the rat must have gotten in under the front door. there's a space there. i filled it in now. i have NO idea where the snake was though! i've pretty much just accustomed myself to scan the walls and floors when i go into a room! ;)

Sarah L said...

The snake was pretty cool, but that centipede made my blood run cold. I think it's the way their legs move that give me the shudders. No wonder I hate spiders (of all sizes).

Nadene said...

Oooh, I had a giggle with the "squashed flatter than a pancake"! 
Living on a farm, high up against the Cape Nature Reserve, we get our fair share of 'wild life'.  Recently a violin spider (really venomous) had my hubby & I scuttle off our bed in record time! Once caught in a bottle we identified it accurately and then "squashed it flatter that a coin"!

Sarah said...

Haha I can relate.
Where we live now there are not so many bugs but a few years back when my children were under the age of five we lived in a house on the top of a bluff with a beautiful view and that was crawling with critters. I was already skittish so when My husband found a scorpion and a thin black snake in the shower one day it took me a while before I would use it without being on guard. The scorpions seemed to be able to get in everywhere. We found them in our sock drawers. walking down the hallway, on my bed, and in our shoes. You might be thinking so why did we not move out of there! Well one day as my husband was outside killing yet another snake he prayed and asked God what he the head of the house should do. God replied, "If you share the gospel I'll take care of the snakes and scorpions." SO he did share the gospel and God did protect us and for the three and 1/2 years we lived there none of us was harmed. "And they will tread upon snakes and scorpions and will not be harmed." 

Kim @ Homestead Acres said...

Cool snake!  But the centipede ick, I can't stand them! 

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