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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reminder! LAST CM Blog Carnival of 2012 {AND giveaway!}

Alright. It's been WAY too long since we've had a little freebie fun around here! I've been wanting to do a giveaway for months now (a year?!), but have just been WAY too busy.
But, now I say, enough is enough. We won't wait any longer. We've got to have some end of the year fun!

The upcoming and LAST CM Blog Carnival of 2012 will be hosted right here @ Fisher Academy, and we're gonna go ahead and celebrate and make it even MORE fun by giving away a really cool CHRISTMAS gift! Again. (see info below)

Plus, there are TONS of other things worth celebrating. Counting backwards some of the bigger events of the year, we have... the 2012 Holiday season (now upon us); a whole 'nother year's worth of Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival posts; AmblesideOnline's forum debut; 200+ friends connecting with Fisher Academy; old and new friends connecting in persona at ChildlightUSA conference, plus about a million personal things we could all probably name off... and I could just keep on counting!

It's totally a year worth remembering.

In celebration of a year's worth of living, I'll be giving away a really cool art calendar as a kind of earnest money on this coming year, that I'm certain will be just as good. Who knows, maybe it'll be THE year of all years that Jesus comes back?! Wouldn't THAT be amazing.

2013 Art Calendar - giveaway!

So before this year's over, one happy person will be the proud new owner of a 2013 Art Calendar! OR if you don't want to wait, you could buy yours here: Art 2013 Gallery Calendar (Page a Day Gallery Calendar)!

Because we're in the midst of celebrating the 2012 holidays, and because we're talking about the last CM blog carnival of 2012, and because it would be so much fun if lots of people participate, I'll draw and announce the winner on the day after the carnival, December 12th (just in time to get or regift the calendar for Christmas!!), on 12/12/12!!  Wow. cool.
Read the following carefully to know how you can go about trying to win. :)

Earn one entry for each of the following... (earn up to SIX entries!)

  • Every blog post submitted to the upcoming Holiday edition of the CM blog carnival (all CM-related posts welcome!) – will automatically earn 2 entries!!
  • Leave a comment on any of the carnival posts AND on the CM blog carnival post which will be posted @ Fisher Academy on December 11th - earn 1 entry!
    (P.S. to be eligible, remember to comment elsewhere and come back and tell me in your comment on the Holiday edition carnival post on 12/11. Oh, and if you don't have your e-mail address linked to your comment, I won't be able to contact you, and I'll have to draw another name!)
  • Blog about the giveaway (include linked picture above), and leave me a link in the comments of this here post – worth 2 entries!!
  • Link to this giveaway post on fb AND/OR pin the giveaway pic to pinterest, (and leave a comment in this here post) – worth 1 entry!
  • "Like" (if you haven't already) the Fisher Academy fb page – this doesn't earn any entries, but it IS a great way to stay up-to-date with the CM Blog Carnival! :)

So. There you have it. There are many chances to win! I leave it up to you, if you'd like to participate to win on purpose, or if you simply want to take it easy, submit your post and read the carnival as usual. Either way, you are VERY welcome, and you might just end up being that one extra happy person to receive the calendar for Christmas!

Drawing will be held on December 12th (the day after the carnival)
Drawing will be held on Saturday December 15th and the winner will be announced the very same day! :) That way y'all will have more time to comment on the other carnival posts!! more time = more comments = more chances to win. ;)

Coming soon!
Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival Holidays edition,
December 11th @ Fisher Academy
Quoted from last year:  
"You might want to post what Charlotte Mason-y things you do during holidays... maybe you could teach us about how Charlotte Mason might have had us use our holidays.  You might post about whatever holiday traditions you have in your family!  If you have a favorite holiday post you'd like to direct us to... do it!  It's up to you :)  Seems to me that you could include Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays! Or any other holiday during the months of November/December for that matter!  The only stipulation you must keep in mind however is, that this is a Charlotte Mason blog carnival!  Which of course we all know just makes it that much better fun! ;)"

Submit your carnival post here.

Have I ever told you how much we LOVE our Art Calendar?!

Do I look like I love it?! Or, do I look WEIRD?! ...don't tell me. 
The calendar sits on our table, and the kids change it daily.
It is also useful for copying the day's date :)


Laurke said...

pinned this post :)  Hopefully will submit a post, but we'll see what life throws at me next!

Jessica said...

I am pinning it.  

Cam said...

I'm not sure I understand all the possible entries, but I did get that I can post it to I did. :-)
Email is cam at sasser creative dot com.
I've wanted to use this in our homeschool for a while now! Great giveaway!

Heather McGlathery said...

Just pinned!

Heather McGlathery said...

Posted to my Facebook! 

Catherine said...

Hi Amy! I posted to my Facebook and also blogged about it here:

amyinperu said...

yay! good job, everybody! :)

Heather Mac said...

Just shared on my Facebook Page!  See you at the Carnival tomorrow.

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