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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Book matters for summer...

Summer Reading for Me & Mine.
I'll be steadily working at making a dent in my Extremely Daunting Reading List for 2013 (this linked 2013 list is no longer current as I've finished some but didn't cross them out AND several headings have grown by about 20 books... ur, well, who knows what year I'll finish :).

The kids will be snacking on Leftovers (the list of books we that we were supposed to but didn't get done this year ... which consist of a few y3 & y8 free reads... oh, and Desiring God which we had all along but I didn't know it. {nervous chuckle}).

But, I'm also hoping to go through some nature study science-ish stuff with the kids, particularly A World in a Drop of Water: Exploring with a Microscope, among others.

Wouldn't this add an extremely fun aspect to nature study?!
Check out Imagination Childhood blog's new summer catalog accompanied by 
a GIVEAWAY ending 6/11/13!

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Lori said...

This is unrelated.... but I wanted to ask your advice on a living history book(s?) that covers the history of South America -- even just contemporary South America, if that's what's available. I'm in the Chicago, USA area but we're learning South American geography this upcoming year, and I'd like to include a small smattering (1-3?) of good CM books with our studies. I've got 7, ages 2-15, so we're combining AO 1, 4 and 9 this fall (yeah, little overwhelming). Any suggestions? Thanks a ton for any help for guidance you can give.

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