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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nature Study Monday {NSM} September LINKup!

The {Nature Study Monday} link up is for ANY nature study-ish blog post written at any time during the current month. Which means, when you submit your link, it will show up in every. single. {NSM} post. during the whole month! Oh, and be not confused, feel free to link up on any day, be it Monday or not! (scroll down for linky).

We've been making time during our weekly nature study hour for dry brush practice this school year. We've had several sessions, and the kids are gaining confidence in using only their 'pinceles' (paint brushes, in spanish) as opposed to pencils. We have a lot to learn yet, but I'm really excited by everyone's willingness. :)

Oh and you may notice that I have gained another pupil! She's my eldest daughter for the next couple of months! Christine's a college student who has come to hang out with us. She's an enormous help and so fun to have around. And look, even she was brave enough to attempt watercolor!! ;)

**Please share your nature study posts from September!! I'm sorry I'm so out of it with getting stuff posted on time this month. I'll leave this post up until I get the October NSM Link-UP up. Which technically should be in less than three days. Until then, please look over your posts and if you have anything nature study related from September, link up to share! Oh, and tell your friends, the more the merrier! :)

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