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Monday, March 24, 2014

Some thoughts on Moral Training.

"The subject of moral progress does not belong solely to the religious world. It is not altogether a matter of
religion ; it is a matter of that good sense, that idea of public utility which' considers the welfare of the immediate present, and looks with a benevolent eye to an improved manhood in the future. For morality is almost as beautiful when viewed as a guiding element to man in this world's transactions as it is when viewed as an essential to happiness in the world to come."
Moral and Literary Training in PUBLIC SCHOOLS by JOHN B. PEASLEE, p13

All moral progress depends on the consistency with which the great religious idea is made to permeate every suggestion: and yet all intellectual progress is possible only through the constant development of such qualities as perseverance, observation and attention, which are themselves but a continuation of moral growth; even in the case of physical training the motto of one and indivisible is still continued, and Bousseau's saying: "The weaker the body is, the more it commands; the stronger it is, the more it obeys," will perhaps serve to remind you of what I am thinking, and how the disregard of even this lowest point in the educationalist's programme is sufficient to bring to ruin a work that aims at the building up the stature of a perfect man.
Education, Part 1 by the Rev. M.R. Lutener

These are just some of the words I've had clunking around in the back of my head over the last couple of days. I haven't gotten any thoughts written down yet, but I plan to update this post today or tomorrow. We've had lice, visitors, serious stomach illness and a 16th birthday that kept me from sitting and plunking out a post.

I'm submitting it to the CM Blog Carnival as-is, please check back tomorrow if you're interested in further thoughts...


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Tammy Glaser said...

You have your hands full! And bebe due when?

Kathy Livingston said...

Very very soon, I think.

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