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Thursday, March 30, 2006

So many pictures, so little time...

Today was a mixed up day:

Woke up

Got dressed

Sent Micah to make an appointment at Dr's.

Got everyone dressed


Went to Dr's

Made breakfast


Coffee with Micah

Got lunch stuff at market

Fumbled with computer problem

Made burritos for lunch

Boys washed dishes... then played in the rain

Sorted/Edited pictures


Went to ice cream shop in pouring down rain

Ate ice cream


Got computer working again: complete with internet connection... woohoo!

Made Top-ramen noodles and Chammomile tea for dinner (this is a treat for us!)

Washed dishes

Put babies in bed

Sang a song

Watched A Snoodle's Tale while checking e-mail

Sorted/Edited pictures ... and now I am writing this blog.

That is the general outline with highlights of our day today. It was a strange mixed up day, but one of my main goals for today was to get some or all of the pictures on my card edited and sorted. I got about 200 pictures done, only 250 more to go. Here are some of my favorites! Enjoy!

From last fall:

PrettyPinkPrincess admiring her new undies!!

My Camo Boys!

LittlestBubby helping Guerillaguy with his math

And from Peru:

Only a few days late!

Wow, this is long! Goodnight.

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