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Monday, December 20, 2010

Another early Christmas gift! Don't miss it!

WOW. What better way to mark the first day of winter than with something EXTRA special!!
To see a complete lunar eclipse might be worth keeping our kids up late tonight even if this isn't something directly holiday related!  After all it is not every day you can see this! 

Visible from the US, Central America and parts of South America, I haven't figured out yet if we'll be able to see it from where we're at, but I'm certainly going to try!! 

I think I'll let my kids sleep though until I know for sure!  ;)

Helpful Links:

NASA's eclipse site
Griffith Observatory: Sky Report (download the image above from there)


Carrie said...

Thanks for the heads up! I know my boys would love to see this!

Merry Christmas, Amy!!

Anonymous said...

Amy-I wouldn't have known about this unless you posted it. I could TOTALLY see it. The only family member I could get out of bed was Freddie and he told me to wake him back up when it was total, but I let him sleep. I really enjoyed it though, and I texted some fellow night owl friends to go out, too. I hope you were able to see it. Thanks for letting us know.
PS-I'm so glad you received our letters. Take your time in writing. We'll be thrilled to receive whatever you are able to send, and are in no rush whatsoever. God Bless!

amy in peru said...

I didn't see it!!! I even stayed up and went out several times! It may have been potentially visible, but the moon was not only ecplipsed by the the shadow of earth, but it was eclipsed by clouds!! sad.

well, I'm tired this morning from staying up too late... back to packing! :)

I'm SO glad you saw it!!! SO glad! very cool.

Did you see it?!

Jeanne said...

We couldn't see it on this side of the world either...

Richele said...

I'm always up a few times during the night but, alas, I slept like the proverbial baby during this one.

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