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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Composer: Antonio Vivaldi (Baroque)

Okay, so this term's already started for us, and since it's outta control with moving and all, this post will be like no other.  (Normally term 2 is Jan-Mar, ours will just be stretched out).  I'm just going to point out some of the links that I'm looking at.  Sorry, I don't have time to find all the music online as free downloads this time.  I have a bunch of CDs (thanks Mother and Daddy!) that are pretty much gonna cover for us this term.  I am SO happy that I planned this term so far ahead!!  Note that Vivaldi's Gloria is a Christmas-y song!  So get a head start by listening to that one now!  ;)  One somewhat completely unrelated thing I'd like to say is, that I LOVE THIS album that has *note* only ONE Vivaldi piece on it:

{LOVE, love, LOVE, love it.}

Here are the AO selections for this term 
(each song is linked, but I haven't listened to all the selections,
nor do I know if they are complete... the links are perfect for a little sampler):
2010-2011 TERM 2 Antonio Vivaldi (1730) (Baroque)
    Gloria (choral work);
    The Four Seasons (complete at wikipedia);
    Trio Sonata in C major, RV.82; (at youtube in parts; one, two and three)
    plus 3 concerti - maybe one for violin, one for guitar (for example: Trio Sonata in C Major, RV 82: III. Allegro)and one for a woodwind instrument such as oboe or bassoon.
We have this:

And would like to read this:
(if only we had a local library!!! perhaps you don't know how spoiled you really are?!)

{Comes with Teacher Guide, CD and bonus CD... }

We have planned to listen to:
Week 13-14: Gloria (choral work)
Week 14-15: The Four Seasons
Week 16-17: Trio Sonata in C major, RV.82

Week 18-19: Concert for woodwind     <-- we are here :)
Week 20-21: Concert for violin
Week 22-23: Concert for guitar


Melissa said...

Can I just say I am so impressed with you as you juggle all the balls you have in the air right now!
Go Amy!

Jeanne said...

We just loved our Vivaldi study. Don't forget to look after you through all this upheaval! Listen to more Vivaldi would work too...

Craig and Bethany said...

Ok, I've been LOVING your blog. You've really piqued my interest in CM education. Do you use Ambleside Online primarily for your planning? And how do you balance all the kids at once?! You make it look like a cinch, amazing, actually.

Merry Christmas and happy moving!

Amy said...

Thanks for the help!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try to integrate Ambleside's composer and artist study into my homeschool this term. I was a little more "loosy-goosey" last term which meant things didn't really get done in this area or spotty at best. Thank you so much for your resources I look forward to putting them to use! Good luck with the move, too!


Grace said...

I found that playing Vivaldi in the morning makes ME more productive -- ha ha! We have enjoyed our Vivaldi term. We don't do anything formal -- I just look up Vivaldi playlist on Youtube every morning and play the music for several hours as the kids do schoolwork and I do housework. Amazing how we absorb the music and truly appreciate it.

turtlemama said...

Checking in--haven't stopped by in awhile. Always fun (and motivating!) to see what you all are up to. My eldest is also doing ACW and the corresponding ancient history readings although I tweaked yr 6 a bit and made ancients an entire year for her and added a few more readings for her as a yr 7. We are getting ready to try Plutarch for the first time with JC. Good luck with the move. Happy New YEar!

MrsJohn said...

Hello Amy,
Not sure how I find your blog, but a found it a little while ago, and it has been a blessing! I'm a missionary in Ghana, West Africa, and I've just started homeschooling my little girls. I went to a great Christian school growing up, studied elem. ed., taught 4th grade, then moved to the field. Thought I had it all figured out....well, now I'm really looking at CM. Love everything I've read. Trying to figure out how to implement now :)
Thanks for this blog...and taking time to read this super long comment :)

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