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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CM Blog Carnival - vote & win!

Well, as mentioned in a previous post, it is high time to celebrate!  After all, we are alive!  That's one seriously good thing!  We got through the last couple months and are alive to tell about it.  :)   Okay, I'll admit, it wasn't even that bad, either! 

That and this blog has reached a milestone, 100+ followers! (ahem, not that I've been counting... that'd be google's job)

Basically, I thought it'd just be a good excuse to have a little fun!  You like?

It just so happens that very soon, we'll be trying out some experimental changes with the Charlotte Mason blog carnival.  You may or may not have noticed that the carnival is in need of some rejuvenation lately?  Well, several of us have been chatting and we'd like to breathe some life into it... Go here to read about the changes.

So, are you anxiously wondering when I'm going to come to the point and talk about the whole vote & win thing?  Did I say win?!  prizes?!  On a CM blog?!  No.  Don't worry, we will NOT call it a prize. We'll just call it straight...  It's a bribe. There you have it.  I know, not very respectable.

I'm offering a really cool prize bribe to any of my readers and/or CM blog carnival participants or anyone perhaps just plain interested in participating in the carnival, mostly because it's time to celebrate!  ...well, that and I hope it will convince some of you to take the time to vote and comment regarding the Charlotte Mason blog carnival.  You see, it's not so sneaky.  Is it?

{Does it make it any better that the prize bribe is from}

Click here to vote & comment to win.

What's the prize?

 From the SCM website:

Discipleship is more than a curriculum.

If you’re searching for that perfect curriculum to disciple your children, this live workshop will help you take a fresh look at what Biblical discipleship really is. Sonya explains the three facets of Biblical discipleship and how you can weave them into your home life.

How to enter to win:
Click over to this page, give your opinion in the four polls, and then leave a carnival related comment (only comments left on this page will be eligible). Comments left before March 22nd will be entered to win.  :)  Is that fun? 

Oh, and if you've already voted, don't worry, just go back and leave a comment to be entered to win.

1 comment:

Richele said...

Thanks, Amy, for the work you are doing on the carnival.

p.s. Sonya's audios are some of my favorite things. We've already got 'Discipleship is' so you don't need to count me in the bribing...I mean polling.

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