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Friday, February 4, 2011

oh. vivaldi.

"oh. vivaldi."

"We've listened to that music every day for the last 23 days straight, Mom."

"Even though I don't play violin or guitar, I'm certain I could perform every piece in the entire orchestra since we've listened to it so many times... it's actually become the background music to my dreams."


...just a few of the things you might hear around our house.


Melissa said...

I bet those kinds of comments are music to your ears!

Unknown said...

Awesome! You've achieved your purpose -- recognizing his music when you hear it.
I dreamed about coffee this week. What does THAT mean?

Tzivia said...

Yeah, it's great except my 3-year-old now calls ALL classical music Vivaldi. This is only our 2nd composer (1st year doing Ambleside), and I think we'll switch to Chopin at the end of this month because I love Vivaldi and all, but I can't stand another month of this... :-)))

Richele said...

They will never forget ;)

Autismland Penny said...

How awesome! We are listening to Peter and the Wolf right now as we study the orchestra. My kids are telling the story to everyone. lol

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