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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: Living Books, vol.1

Welcome to the April 19, 2011 edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival in which we discuss Living Books... the definition, the value, the delightful use of, the virtues, the... yes, I could go on. and on.  If you've arrived at this carnival and you'd like to read further about what Charlotte wrote about using books, particularly of the living variety breathed into by quickening ideas as opposed to books full of dry bones of fact that become a weariness to the flesh, I've listed a few really great places that I've enjoyed reading lately:

Schoolbooks and How They Make for Education (suggested reading for this carnival)
Chapter 15 School-Books and How They Make for Education
Chapter 16 How to Use School-Books
Chapter 21 Suggestions Toward a Curriculum (For Children under Twelve)
Part II.––School-Books, Books that supply the Sustenance of Ideas

So without further ado, please welcome our participants this time around. You'd think because of the sheer volume of on-topic posts this time around that we're all a bunch of book lovers or something, d'ya think?! Enjoy!

Living Books: 

Nadene presents Loving Living Books, saying, "A post devoted to my youngest child about loving Living Books."

Barb presents "For the Knowledge That is Better Than Silver or Gold" - Our Homeschool Bible Education Plans, saying, "This was a lot of fun to put together....great memories of the best living book there is."

Amber presents In Praise of Living Books.

Eve presents Reading With Boys.

Traci Brooks presents Parents Step to the Side and Let Living Books Become Your Child’s Guide.

Nancy Kelly presents I Have Found a Door.

Penney Douglas presents Great Ideas: Enjoying Life with Living Books.

Cindy West presents Charlotte Mason Series #2 - Living Books.

Elton Brooks presents Living Books-Education For a Lifetime!.

Silvia presents Got Living Books?.

Aylin presents The Vorpal Blade.

Rebekah Johnson presents What are living books?.

Denise presents Hooray for (Math) History « Let's Play Math! she shares how approaching math with living books, getting to know the mathematicians brings new life to math study!

Rachael presents A Living Bookshelf.

Mama Squirrel presents Children shouldn't read dead things. (Living Books).

Fisher Academy presents Books.

Other Interesting Topics:

First a couple of submissions meant for the last carnival edition, Education is a Life...

Mama Squirrel presents There are no guarantees...but it's still worth our time. saying, "Thoughts on this week's passage from Volume 6."

Penney Douglas presents Education is a Life.

Next a little bit of Nature Study Inspiration:

Rosemary presents Nature Study in our (tiny) back yard.

Shirley Ann Vels presents Sunshine on my Shoulders.

Ritsumei presents Baby Cardinal Food posted at Baby Steps.

And last but not least, an art lesson:

Tricia Hodges presents Three Little Chicks: A Pastels Tutorial posted at Hodgepodge, saying, "A quick little pastel tutorial on chicks for you and your peeps :)"

: : 

Wow!  Thank you all once again for your participation!  It has been a joy to spend time with you!  :)
We would love to have you come again next time. Please consider submitting a post in one of the upcoming carnivals (dates and topics can be found here).  Submit your blog post using our carnival submission form.

The next carnival's theme & suggested (optional) reading are:  

Art Appreciation / Picture Study
The deadline for post submissions for this carnival is: 5pm on May 2nd, 2011

*photo credits: old books by logu & library of light by hhsara


Beloved's Bride said...

Wow! I am looking forward to reading all of the carnaval submissions. THank You everyone.

Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks so much for including me twice--I had forgotten about the last one! I'll link back.

Amber said...

Ooh, this promises to be an especially good one! Thanks for hosting, Amy.

Hodgepodgemom said...

Books, books, books! Hooray for books :) Thanks Amy for all you do!

Richele said...

Wow - look at all those living books posts! Good reading ahead...

Nancy said...

It's up! You did it! You are amazing, Amy darling. I love the clear, crisp presentation of the feast of ideas. Hopefully, I'll have time later to enjoy every part of it.

Sursum Corda,

Penney Douglas said...

Thank you so much, Amy, for including mine from last time, too. I missed the deadline by a day. How sweet of you to put it in this edition. Thanks for doing such a great job with this on top of everything else you do!

Silvia said...

Yes Amy, you "rock"... I have missed you much.
I absolutely loved your post on books.
Thanks for taking the time to do this and put your mind and heart on it.
Are you alright? I should have started with that question...
I hope your life is going well. It must be very hard all that traveling, packing, moving.

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