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Saturday, April 23, 2011


We have been 'on the road' for 4 weeks now!  Seriously!  All seven us in a seven passenger van traveling halfway across the States and then practically from top to bottom and then back... Sound interesting?!  Let me tell you... it is.  ;)  If you happen to be interested in what our family is up to, I've posted some summary pictures of our time in the States so far over at my other blog:

Have a peek HERE:


Silvia said...

So that was it! That's amazing, how much you learn as you travel, and how good at packing you are. I will enjoy those packing trips when you share, just for our trip to Europe by plane, but I bet it will be super interesting to hear.

Lisa Wood said...

We are about to set off around Australia with our five boys!! We have a motorhome that we are getting ready to travel in. Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time - look forward to seeing your photos and hearing more of your travel stories.


Marlee said...

Hey! I would love to travel! I keep thinking I need to do it before I have a family, but hey, just because you have a family doesn't mean you have to stop, right? Great post!

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