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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mendelssohn mp3 music for $2.49

Ambleside Online's scheduled composer for study this term is Mendelssohn... yay!

I found many of the selections on this mp3 album.
(It has 99 pieces for only $2.49! Sadly, it only has two Songs Without Words, but see below*)

If for some reason this link isn't product specific (I tried!), just type in 99 Mendelssohn and it should come up in the search :)

*Never fear because my compadre Naomi over at Living Charlotte Mason in California has put together a playlist which includes a good selection of aforementioned Songs Without Words on grooveshark - click here.

I'll be posting more on this subject in the weeks to come :)


Grace'n'Chaos said...

Haven't been here in a while, just thought I'd say those feet are wonderful and the side photo too cute! Catching up on some reading tonight ; )

amy in peru said...

@Grace n' Chaos,
Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! It's nice to know you were here! ;)


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