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Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Button for CM Blog Carnival, 2012

Please visit and share with us at the CM blog carnival! We'd love to have you!

We now have a fresh new face for the CM carnival in 2012! Yay!
A special thanks to everyone who voted!

This colorful eclectic collage button received 22 of 70 votes and was created by our very good friend Jimmie from Jimmie's Collage -
We're so thankful for her contribution!!

Please visit and share with us at the CM blog carnival! We'd love to have you!

If you'd like to post this button on your blog or website, please do! We're always happy for more bloggers and readers who are interested in Charlotte's philosophy and practice to participate in the Carnival! The more the merrier! ;) Just copy and past the above html portion to do that (if you want it bigger or smaller adjust the width after pasting to your blog. :)

Helpful links:
CM Blog Carnival FAQs
Submit a post to the upcoming CM Blog Carnival
A list of past carnival posts can be found here.
2012 scheduled carnival themes

As for the winner of the $25 gift certificate redeemable at

drumroll, please...'s randomly sought after random sequence generator chose #11. And the eleventh commenter on the voting post was Nadene from Practical Pages! Congratulations! Thank you all for participating, I hope you all enjoy the colorful face of the CM Blog Carnival for 2012 :)

*This giveaway was sponsored by who has just last month launched a new CM Discussion Group and would love for you to join them (it's online and it's free, take a look here).


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Super cool! I just added it to my blog. One of these days I'll figure out how to participate in the carnival. :)
Fun stuff.

Leah said...

I LOVE it - just added it to my blog, well done all!

Nadene said...

Wonderful new button - great job, Jimmie! And I'm super-excited to have won the prize! Thank you. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks, everybody, for loving the collage style button. (You all know I'm crazy about collages!)

Unknown said...

This new button is LONG overdue and I am thrilled my choice won! Thanks Jimmie for your special brand of CM collage goodness. :)

Congrats to Nadene too!

Thanks Amy.

SunnyKeri said...

Although I submitted several of the buttons...
I voted for Jimmie's collage button!
She did a supurb job!

Sarah said...

Love's gorgeous! (-:

Sarah said...

I should have guessed the collage was yours Jimmie! It is fabulous! It was my pick and I am so happy now to put it on my side bar!
Congrats Nadene! Enjoy!

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