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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

growing girls

It cannot be too strongly put that, as a matter of health, growing girls cannot afford to be idle, mentally; it is just as pernicious that they should dawdle through their lessons as that they should lounge through the day. There is no more effectual check to the tendency to hysteria and other nervous maladies common to growing girls than the habit of steady brain-work. But then, it must be work under conditions: fit quantities at fit times, with abundant leisure for exercise and recreation.


Cheryl Workman said...

I totally agree and I've been thinking about this lately as my daughter has been spending daily downtime lounging on the couch.

Amy Walker said...

This is already true for my 2 and a half year old. It's an awkward age. She needs to be challenged and engaged, yet right now it cannot (or will not)  play/work independently. I'm not sure if it's jealousy of my business with a just now finally not colicky anymore baby brother or what...any tips for keeping her engaged while training her to work independently at least a little bit? 

Shirley Ann said...

Hi Amy,
A few CMBC questions. The carnival page seems to be out of order - where do we send submissions to?
 Also keen to host a couple of carnivals this year. I have responded to the email that was sent out last week but not sure if you got my reply.
 Lastly, there don't seem to be any links on your CMBC page to this years carnivals. The last one that I was able to find was hosted by Barb at her HNS blog.

Shirley Ann

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