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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Current Events: On the go

Once upon a time, I was starting this really cool (and time consuming) custom of posting links to online articles written about current events in history both for my AOy7 boys (and anyone else who cared to share). Since over the last insanely busy weeks (months?), I've not had time to choose articles for the "This Week in History" feature, I've reverted to using a VERY easy option for kindling ideas for entries in the boys' journals. I've recently subscribed to World Magazine Podcasts; this is not quite the same as 'reading' the newspaper or news magazine, but very much more convenient. 

Basically, the podcasts are the radio blurbs World magazine broadcasts - summaries of what's going on in the world. Ideally, these would work to simply spark an interest in something and on their own initiative they could look up an article to expand their knowledge on the subject. Until things settle down, I'm just happy that the boys listened to the weekly hour long podcast and are now writing in their journals about whichever news item struck their fancy.

World Magazine Podcasts

There are two features: The daily radio blurb, "This is News" from World Magazine and the weekly hour long program "The World and Everything in It" which covers news as well as a little bit of everything else, as the name suggests. :) The lastest episode had a literature theme for example and discussed the anniversary of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters (I did skip over some brief spots re: movies and books - gotta love that feature as opposed to listening to live radio! All things were handled appropriately, but I had my smaller kids nearby as well).

Click the links above to subscribe via rss on the World magazine website or subscribe via itunes.

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