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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spanish: Q&A

Rosetta Stone is out of my price range and I need a program that we can get started on in a few weeks when we start Year 8. Suggestions?
~Ambler {technical term for an anonymous AO user}

Dear Ambler,
First of all, I'm going through a revolution in my foreign language learning/teaching understanding. Previously I would probably have recommended both resources you have already nixed (Rosetta Stone seems to be the most comprehensive, customizable and highest quality - which aspects are definitely reflected in the price!). The BEST option would be to meet some Spanish speakers and get involved in their lives... :) but, as this is not going to be something you can check off a list or get credit for... :) A ready-made curriculum is better for those who maybe wouldn't otherwise be able to incorporate a foreign language because of time constraints or interest level or what have you. As far as I know, Rosetta Stone remains the best in its category.

However, I am more recently again becoming a big proponent of each family putting together their own custom-made studies based on real life Spanish experiences when possible and otherwise on free resources available online (and the library when available!). I know that in your case, you may not have time to work out your own curriculum, and that's okay. There are a lot of free curricula online (see links below). Based on my study, learning audibly first, then speaking, before integrating reading and writing IS the best way and so if one has time and willingness, a custom-made plan might just be better... (see my post here for the beginnings of my research). I plan to continue my research in this area and hopefully someday have some resources of my own to share. :)

Some AO users have expressed the concern that in their experience some colleges won't accept 'Homeschool Spanish' at the high school level, this could be addressed by taking community college courses, or better yet, testing out of them!

Here are the best links I've found for higher level Spanish (or been directed to by a trustworthy source):

Helpful Links:

How to Learn Spanish online for free  (a webtour) - this webtour lists just about every online Spanish resource I've ever heard of and that one could possibly want... seriously, it's worth the 9min. to watch
BBC Languages: Spanish


All Things Beautiful said...

This is a very helpful post!!

MrsJohn said...

Hello, Amy! I appreciate your thoughts on language learning. Now that we are back in Ghana from furlough, language learning for my kiddos is much on my mind. We have extremely limited resources, especially for the kids, so I love hearing what other CM families use/do.
Hope you have regained full strength and that you all are settled into a happy home schedule!

amyinperu said...

Thanks Patty, your well wishes are much appreciated :)
We hope to be moved in to the building sometime in the next couple of weeks. It will be SOON!
As for language, which language will you work on? Have you decided?

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