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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

an amazing amazon album deal... and thoughts on opera

I just bought this album, and though I have not listened to it yet, I can't see that I could have gone too wrong... It's 12 CDs worth of music for less than $10! Not only does it have TONS of famous classical music, but it includes several of the AO selections for this year's term 3, as well as from other years' selections! As per the AO composer study rotation, until the end of the school year, we'll be listening to opera.

Yep, you read that right... opera.

I never thought I'd see the day.

I can't say I'm overly excited about it either, even if it IS one of my dad's favorites. I remember opera performances oftentimes constituting his television programming of choice when I was little. I was never quite equally convinced of it's pleasure viewing value. Of course, over the years I've often been surprised at how much my kids and I end up enjoying the various AO composer selections. So, we'll see. If it weren't for this aspect of homeschooling, just think how seriously uncultured we'd be!

If you too decide to buy the album based on my recommendation, please use the following link so that we both benefit! (I earn a tiny commission off every purchase made... even a little bit helps!)

A 12 CD Set Of Romantic Classics For Every Month Of The Year

On that note, have I mentioned lately that I am SUPER thankful for everyone who uses my blog(s) to link through to make their purchases?! Well, I AM! Thanks to you folks, we've seen a small dent in our homeschool purchases! Those affiliate earnings, as a result of your linking, especially help to offset the cost of transporting things internationally! We regularly spend more than $250 a year in shipping for books, at least that much, and your linkage earned us $104.59 over the last 3 months!

Thank you!

So, as I could hardly bring myself to buy an album entirely composed of opera, this other album was also a great find for me! The operas are all sung in ENGLISH. Oh yeah. While I'm sure the opera elite would grimace, as for me and my house, we're thankful for these 'baby steps' kinds of offerings. :)


TL Glaser said...

You never know what you just might like!

I have loved choral music and Gilbert and Sullivan operettas since college. In fact, Pamela asked for us to do Handel's Messiah this term. :-) I need to get into opera. I think I will love it. I hope. :-)

amyinperu said...

tammy {aka TL Glaser},
i hope we love it too. do you know if all opera has to include opera singers? is that the whole point?
OR is opera music still good sans singing? since we're studying composers, i'm wondering? {...confused}

obviously, i have a lot to learn. ;)

the versions on the 12 cds worth of music (mentioned above) do NOT have singing. i'm pretty sure that's why i like them. but if i have to have the singing to REALLY have the whole opera experience, i'm afraid i won't appreciate it... but, like you said, you never know what you might like!!

Alyssa said...

Thank you for these recommendations! Will greatly simplify our composer study.. Just made a playlist for Bach. Loving the English opera! I am using the amazon cloud player app which is really great!

Lindafay said...

Just now am seeing this. Thanks so much for sharing.

amyinperu said...

you are welcome! ;)

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