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Monday, February 18, 2013

Nature Study Monday... Rocks!

We went out on Saturday this week to San Pedro de Cumbaza, in order to scope out yesterday's baptism spot (more on that soon, at the tuttle tribe, and probably a pilgrim's project as well since this time some of my offspring went under the spring). :)

I had in mind to suggest looking at tree bark because of something I'd read lately, and because on the way I was aroused by several trees with blatant orange bark, which took first prize over those with very round white spots, a close second.

Having arrived at the first potential site, while everybody was off doing their own thing, I embarked with full intention of looking at trees, but I couldn't help noticing the nice round rocks, some with pink twinges and well, I do love rocks. I was once again completely taken in. Have I ever mentioned my favorite color is grey? And I have a soft-spot for heart shaped rocks? Nevertheless, I quickly succumbed. [I'm pretty sure succumbed is the weirdest word I've seen today, just sayin']

I'm not sure that anyone else present particularly noticed the rocks, though certainly, you couldn't avoid seeing at them, stepping/tripping on them, etc. They didn't receive even one special mention. But you may be sure, we'll be going back to that spot. The rocks are calling me. I can hear them now... oh wait, maybe that's my bed.

It is getting late. I almost didn't make it in time for nature study monday this week. Last week was a complete fail. I can't remember if we had an out of the ordinary walk, or just a backyard browse, but either way, I posted nothing. I wonder if anyone noticed? Of course you can link up any day you please, but the fact that it's called nature study monday gives me a deadline. I need that sometimes. :)

Feel free to link up to your February nature studies in the comments of this post
It's fun to share. :)

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1 comment:

TL Glaser said...

Your pictures rock, Amy!!! Yesterday, my nature study post was a wrap up of the Great Backyard Bird Count.

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