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Monday, March 11, 2013

Look who hopped in... {for Nature Study Monday!}

I'm always ever so thankful for whatever comes our way on nature study mondays (or any day for that matter)!
Whether we have to go looking, or whether nature comes and finds us, we'll take whatever we get! :)

Mya made the first discovery today. She pried me up from my afternoon meltdown spot with her third insistence of, 'Mom, there's a bug I think you're going to want to take a picture of!' After 'just a minute' turned into four and a half, she was back. She was lured away again with, 'See if Javen wants to take a picture with his camera...' But she came back insisting AGAIN that I would definitely want to take a picture of it.

I'm SO glad.

We were fascinated with this guy for over an hour (okay, admittedly, I was by far the most excited, but the kids were pretty captivated too!). He was SO interesting; strikingly colorful armor, perfectly smoothed black oval eyes, striped waistcoat, pygmy wings and spiky legs. And best of all, "His face looks like a wrinkled old man's." ~ Mya

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Ham said...

He has the shortest wings!!  Did they get broken off somehow?  Can you find him in any books/online?

Ham said...

Ah.  Read again ..."pygmy" wings?  Very interesting find, Mya!  Great drawing, Siah (and Amy)!!

Jdtuttle75 said...

wow, you  have the best bugs there in Peru.. good job Mya finding this great bug and studying  your lessons so well. your way ahead of  schooled  kids. but then I'm prejudice.

Tammyglaser798 said...

I have bug envy. In other news, we are enjoying our tadpoles, which I need to blog.

Richele said...

Thought I'd hop in as well to say 'hello.' Does your meltdown spot change or is it a special nook?

amyinperu said...

@richele, i'm SO glad you did!! i tend to vary. that day i was actually laying down buffeted with breeze by the ceiling fan in our bedroom. sometimes i sit outside with my cuppa joe... just depends. :) wish i could sit down with you for awhile with a set of watercolors between us...

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