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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Jolly Christmas Card! {& Reflection Extension}

The time for entering a reflective blog post is being extended to December 31st!

If you, like me, were totally hoping/planning to reflect and write and enter, and ran plumb out of time, you now have a couple of extra days, which only seems sensible as we were all pleasantly occupied with Christmas! If not, I'd be delighted to send the calendar to the only entrant so far, my dear friend Tammy!!! You may link your post any time before midnight on 12/31 in the linky or in the comments, right over here at this post!

On Christmas morning, we opened our 2014 Art Calendar as our first family gift. I'm serious. I know it might well be a silly thing, but I really love our little tradition. ;) Despite the fact that no one looks particularly interested (judging by facial expressions alone), everyone really was excited about this... really.

As a side note, did you see our Christmas card this year? Since we recently took "official" family pictures when we did our BIG announcement, we decided to make this one a little extra jolly. 
So, here it is... :)

You may notice a little sheen on my upper arm. That is sweat. Keep in mind that we are experiencing HOT weather down here in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in the jungles of Peru. That explains that. I won't describe in detail the damp state of my clothing after getting out of the car in 90 degree weather without air conditioning in my pregnant condition...

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your holidays immensely!


Bonnie Buckingham said...

Congratulations !! Made me smile & want to celebrate!! What a cute photo !

Phyllis at All Things Beautifu said...

I love the photo. It is hard for me to imagine a hot Christmas day. {hugs}

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