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Monday, December 30, 2013

Where I've finally reflected...

This upcoming term's artist is Manet... imagine my delight when I found this! :)
Oh. so. lovely.

I have not in fact deflected my goals for reflection... honest, I have truly reflected. 
While most of it's still in my head, some of it's on paper, I have shared a teeny-weeny bit over here...

Reflections of Goodness... {the value}

Reflections of Goodness... {observed}


I still hope to blog those reflections specific to our homeschooling year. What I've learned as a person and teacher-guide, as well as what we've learned and implemented in our school... I'll be posting that over at Fisher Academy. Hopefully, that will happen sometime tomorrow. We wrapped up term exams on Saturday, and I'm almost done with Term Planning today. It may yet be possible!


{If you too are reflecting on 2013, click over to see if you'd qualify to enter the giveaway 
for a 2014 Art Calendar. Linky closes 12/31 @ midnight.}

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