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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A week and a half of Fantastic!

If it had been up to Mya our 6yo, we would be calling our new little Ellia, 'Fantastic'...
Because, obviously, she IS.

A couple of weeks ago during our family think tank putting all possible baby names on the table, her's was BY FAR the best suggestion.
Her other suggestion, Snowflake as a close second... :)

Fantastic. It's the perfect name really.

Imagine getting to introduce yourself, "Hello, I'm Fantastic!" That would be seriously awesome.
I do almost wish we could have done it.

Either way, we've had almost two full weeks now of regular stuff with a whole lot of fantastic on the side! :)

1) In the clinic. Yikes. I do NOT take much pleasure in having taken and now posting these pictures in the So Very Soon After Birth look I'm sporting, but hey... my kids all look REAL good. :) 

2) We have this really cool tradition of celebrating each child's birth day before leaving the birth center with a birthday party complete with cake. Micah brought *Black Jungle Cake*, an appropriately named and typically yummy Peruvian chocolate cake. He had it inscribed with, Feliz Dia de Nacimiento Fantastica! {Happy Birthday Fantastic!} The doctors and nurses were amused. We did LOTS of things that were new to them... fun.

3) Outside the clinic. Gotta love the security bars on the outside AND the dirt roads... :)

4) No carseats required. Though we would have gotten one if we could have bought one. No carseats even for sale in our city!! A friend from Trujillo is sending one soon! ;)

LOVED the moments spent relishing in the first couple of days...

Daddy's pretty proud.

Sisters are thrilled!

Littlest Brother is happy!

All the brothers are pleased!


Lady M said...

Love these! Beautiful (all of you!!).

Tammy Glaser said...

What FANTASTIC photographs!!! :-)

Probhita Shew said...

Love this! What a gorgeous addition to your beautiful family!

Dawn Duran said...

1) You look incredible for so soon after giving birth.
2) Your kids do look really amazing. I mean really. As in beautiful and glowing with pride and love.
3) She does look pretty fantastic.
Enjoy - and thanks for sharing!

Marina said...

Gorgeous baby!..I always look at your family and you all look wonderful and so happy!...You're such inspiration..
Many Blessings and congratulations!!!!!!

SilviaBlogs said...

Fills me with joy to see your wonderful family. To me, your little one will always be FANTASTICA!

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