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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CMBC - Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival - April!

Welcome Homeschoolers and fellow Charlotte Mason fans!

Though many of us don't follow the same school schedule, especially those schooling year-round or those living in the Southern Hemisphere, most North Americans are coming into the home stretch this schoolyear. I hope you've all had a productive year meeting challenges head on and coming out having learned something useful!


This month's theme for the carnival is:
Some Unconsidered Aspects of Religious Training - Chapter 13


Without further ado, I'm pleased to present the submissions to this edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival!

In her post, Pease porridge... not. Mama Squirrel asks us to consider,
"But why do we, through our institutions, so equally mistrust young students that we attempt to deceive them with a bit of "pease" instead of the real food that is so readily available?"

 helps us to remember back to what it was like as kids to REALLY imagine, in The Substance of Things Not Seen...
"Can you step back in your misty memory and recall some of the fantastic imaginings of your childhood, some of the absolutely unbelievable things you used to unhesitatingly believe? There really was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a jolly old man in a red suit that slid down the chimney, and a monster under the bed, wasn't there?"

Camille shares with us some personal reflections about some experiences with her son in her post, Parenting Challenge - Religious Training.

Nebby talks about reading comprehension and it's place in a CM education and asks us 'Where does it fit in?'

Celeste relishes in Laurie Bestvater's wisdom from her recently published book The Living Page.

In her post The Charlotte Mason Method, Megan walks us through an inspiring quote by C.D. Lawe, "The purpose of education should be to lead a child into the fullest, truest, noblest, and most fruitful relations of which he is capable, with the world in which he lives."

Based on years of experience, Tammy looks at this month's topic through the lens of an autistic family. Beautiful in Its Time is an insightful read for all of us as we care for others in our community.

In her last couple of posts Patti has been inspiring our artistic side by highlighting the works of Jacob von Rueysdale,  Georg Philipp Telemann and  A.A.Milne.

Last but not least, I've posted a few questions to consider about Religious Training here at A few Thoughts on Religious Training.


I hope you've enjoyed this edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival!
Please consider sharing your blog posts with us in a future edition!

See the CM Blog Carnival Schedule page for a list of dates and topics for the whole year (in progress).

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Also, please encourage your bloggy AND non‐bloggy friends, who love Charlotte Mason and/or those who are newly interested, to visit the CMBCarnival, the more the merrier!! :)

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