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Monday, December 29, 2014

An E-treasury of Living Books!

Have you seen Yesterday's Classics e-book bundles? A LOT of books that Ambleside Online has recommended for decades and AOers have been enjoying for just as long, are included, conveniently and beautifully formatted into e-books!

For those of us who live overseas, this is a HUGE treasure trove of books we don't have to lug around, which really means only one glorious thing... we have MORE room for other books in our suitcases!

Not only will you have more room, you'll have more book money 'cause with these bundles you end up paying only 50 cents a book!

Yes, many if not most are available somewhere online for free, but NOT always in an easily navigable or beautifully illustrated format. I do like free, but I also like convenience sometimes.
Just think, by searching garage sales for 15 years, you might find these kind of prices.

Only wait, your kids will be in college. ;)
You might want to check it out before then.

Honestly, I may already own the majority of these in book form. And maybe I did lug every one of them overseas (hardcover, too! eek! the weight!!) since we've been using AmblesideOnline long before Yesterday's Classics bundles existed. But, even if you don't travel much, if you have multiple children like I do, and you can afford it, I think the convenience of having the book in electronic format is worth it. If for no other reason, it is SO nice for each kid to have their own copy on their kindle!

Find them here:
Bundle #1: 225 titles for $49.95   [On sale!]*
Bundle #2: 106 titles for $49.95   [NEW- Introductory price!]

*Special holiday pricing ends January 4th.

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