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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

do you want an (awesome) ART calendar?!

i just happen to be giving one away. like i do every year. because i love this calendar.

this year, unlike other years, unlike ever before in my life come to think of it, i actually got to go to NYC and SEE the art! in the museum. where it lives. yep, we got to spend two whole days at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! it was definitely top o' the list of places we wanted to visit and it did not disappoint.

ahhh. so much fun.

now to be considered in this drawing, you don't have to be a regular reader of this blog, you don't even have to really do anything in return. you just have to want one. simply enter a comment on any post here at fisher academy's blog BEFORE midnight on 1/1/2015. that way, i'll know you're interested.

i'll do the drawing on new years' day.

oh, and if you're dying to get one of these and wanna increase your chances, new likes on our facebook page during december, will get an extra entry. because that just makes for more fun for some people. :)

OR if you just can't wait and want to be SURE to get one. buy yours now, by clicking HERE.

we love turning the pages of this art calendar every day. it's a page-a-day, so there's a unique piece of art or history for each day of the year. sometimes it's ancient weapons or armor, sometimes it's a painting. it's fun! it comes in handy for discussions about art study, for book of centuries illustrations, and even copywork (my young kids use it to copy the date!).

how might you use yours?

wanna check out past ART calendar giveaways? 
maybe just for old times sake... :)

The girls with their handy-dandy audio devices at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Melisa Hills said...

Me! ME! mE! ;)

Sharon B said...

Would love to have the calendar!

Annie said...

How lovely! I would love to win.
I'm glad you're back!

Jamie said...

This would make an excellent addition to our mornings!

Carmen said...

Hi Amy! Glad to see some new reading your thoughts.

Lisa said...

Pick me! Pick me! :) (And I have already liked your fb page.)

Patty said...


Cari Osborne said...

I love the MoMA, the calendar would be fabulous!

Melissa said...

What a treat to actually visit the museum. I'm on the west coast, so a trip is not in the near future for me. I liked your FB page too! Happy New Year! :)

Bobby Jo said...

Well, if we can't make it in person, the calendar would be something fun! Hugs to you and Happy New year!!!

Jenny said...

Glad you're back! How exciting that you got to go there and spend 2 whole days :oD

Archmom said...

Nice to see you again! I would love to get the calendar

reina said...

This calendar looks amazing! thAnk yOu sooo much, for this opportunity! I missed your posts while you were away...your family is truly an encouragement & inspiration! May the Lord continue to Shine within, through and around you all for His Glory! So happy that you had a wonderful time living, exploring, & just being, with your family and friends. My heart longed for you all to be preaching and teaching somewhere near!

Sally said...

Count me in on the draw! So glad to see you are back to posting again. I had been checking to see what was new in your world. Glad you had a couple days to enjoy the art and make some wonderful memories.

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