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Friday, January 9, 2015

About the future of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival...

Currently, we are reevaluating the CMBC to examine how we can improve it; to make it more blogger-friendly and to encourage more blogger/reader participation. It's always most interesting and insightful when there are a variety of posts.

Based on a preliminary poll on facebook, we will continue the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival in 2015! 

The first edition of the year will be posted on January 14th.
Please submit your posts now.
ALL posts in relation to a Charlotte Mason education are welcome.

Up until now, the routine we've followed has been: A reminder e-mail is sent out. Bloggers submit their Charlotte Mason educational blog posts by e-mail to charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (dot) com. The links are collected and forwarded to the hostess who previews, arranges and introduces each carnival submission in a blog post of her own. She then sends back the link and the carnival is publicized. This is a somewhat labor intensive process for some involved and we'd like to make it worth everyone's effort.

I'd really like to hear some thoughts about how we can improve and encourage more participation. The general principle certainly applies here: the more the merrier!

Please answer the following questions (check all that apply) and share any comments you might have below.

How can we improve the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival?

 free polls

Ways to help spread the word about the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival:

Use the CMBC logo in the sidebar of your blog and in your carnival posts.

Link the logo back to the CMBC page using this link:

Tell your readers about the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival on your own blog and send a link to: charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sign up for the CMBC reminder/announcement e-mail list and share a link to the most current carnival edition on your blog.

Share a link to the carnival on facebook.

Any other ideas??


Mariel said...

Hi Amy, as a reader, I like the carnival as it is. I like that there is an index so readers can find where the carnival is, and I'm sure the bloggers enjoy hosting and introducing new readers to their blogs. I am new to homeschooling/have yet to begin formally homeschooling/currently home(pre)school, so I have never submitted. But I have thoroughly enjoyed reading past "issues." Much thanks :)

Nebby said...

I tried to comment yesterday but it doesn't seem to be showing up . . . I love the carnival and hope it continues. I enjoy hosting but did have problems finding it most of last year so I could go either way on whether it changes locations or stays in one. The latter seems like a lot of work for one person though. I like having topics but think they could be simpler like "narration" or "masterly inactivity" and don't need to be tied to one volume or passage. I am happy to help in any way I can, just let me know.

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