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Monday, May 4, 2015

Nature Study Monday :: April 2015 :: NSM {LinkUP!}

this month, i'm sharing one of my favorite sites for nature journaling! have you ever heard of John Muir Laws? that blog has a LOT of nature study resources, drawing tutorials and journaling advice. the author/naturalist has noted many ideas which resonate with what i know to be oh so true and which i've experienced myself. my friend Phyllis reminded me of his blog in a recent conversation and i was happy to discover he has a TON of new stuff up.


have you ever gone out and wandered all a wonder about what you should be doing or looking at during nature study hour? i am happy to report that this almost never happens to me. (how's that for empathy?) somehow, that innate sense of wonder in nature was carried over from childhood and spilled out again when i set out with my kids. BUT wait, i know in the beginning it wasn't the same as it is now. and for many it can be kind of, no, REALLY hard to know what to do, much less be an example for your kids of what to do.

in his post, Deep Observation, Jack talks about 3 questions to ask when observing. he shares a fun visual so that we don't forget the questions. matter of fact, i'm going RIGHT now to write them on the cover of my journal... wanna know more? go right now and check out this awesomesauce post!

oh and another thing.
i bet you have always been curious what one my all time favorite nature study posts is? i might have a lot of those. the latest one you can read for yerself, right here.

#journalingisnotachore #rewardsdontmotivate #practicemakesperfect #setsmartgoals etc.

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