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Friday, May 8, 2015

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival :: May 2015 :: CMBC

Welcome, Friends!

Thank you for joining us at the May 2015 edition CM Blog Carnival! I’m so glad you’ve come. Do you know how important you are? Everyone is valuable, that’s certain, but somehow mothers are especially so. Most everyone in the world at some time or another has loved a mother. So, whether you are a mother or have one, will you allow us a few minutes to speak some life into your soul?

It was this Very Important Blog Post that shot me some life-filled ideas completely annihilating the writer’s block that plagued me last week. That, and the fact that it’s almost Mother’s Day weekend. AND, I want to share some maternally inspiring words spoken by one of my favorite modern day authors of children’s books.

First of all, the blog post that is the feature of this edition of the carnival was written by my good friend Naomi who writes periodically at CM Living in California. And no, it's not featured just because she's my friend, you are all my friends! She spoke so well what is in my heart.

I’d really like to just quote the. entire. thing.

But instead will you please go over there and read it through… for Mother’s Day?
Consider it my gift to you. I think you’ll love it. :)

It’s called Scaffolding Towers of Glory and Excellence, but don’t let the title baffle you.

Photo by Naomi.

Here’s a snippet or two…
"In our pursuit of the very best education for our children - what mother doesn't want that?! - we read the CM series, books, articles, blogs, attend meetings, conferences, follow CMers on Facebook, see their perfect lives on Instagram, their creations on Pinterest, Join groups, forums - to learn it all, do it all, keep up on all."

"Can we ever get anywhere near the tower of glory? It seems to have no end. Will we ever be good enough? have time enough? be mom enough?"
Yep, the whole thing is that good. You can read the rest here.


Now for that promised quote.

"The whole ‘just a mom thing’ is one of the most inverted lies around. I write books... and because we admire the abstract: I condense thoughts into little black symbols on pulp, trees, which can burn and rot and go away.

YOU have little humans who will always be. forever. somewhere.
They are the beginnings of forever stories.

so none of that. 
You must awaken to this glory and you must attempt to improve at noticing, receiving, processing, integrating, condensing and then giving.
...that is the process of ultimate artistry."
N. D. Wilson in his talk, "Words Made Flesh" to Bethlehem College and Seminary

Read the entire quote here.


There are already some interesting conversations going on in the early submitted posts, including an acronym for choosing living books and questions about homeschooling high school among others. You can read them all starting from the linky below!

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