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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Artist Study: Monet {part three}

Here's what we're doing today...  

The hands-on part of artist study got put off until Saturday. again.  :)  Maybe it's becoming a habit?!  Well, it's okay.  Saturday school is fine as long as you don't know it's school.  Oh and just so you know, I make no promises about doing this much artist study for every artist!  ;)  I really like Monet...

We're going to notice how Monet captured light through his beautiful portrayal of shadows and reflections.  Then we're going to try and imitate it.  Lots o' fun!  Just wait 'til you see our masterpieces!

We're looking at the following groups of prints for shadow:
Notice how the shadows are not just black or grey but different shades of color...

Shading lessons by a homeschooler!
Lesson 1 and Lesson 2

Then we're looking at these three pieces to study how Monet did  reflection:
We'll also talk about what happens to the reflection when the water is moving.

An reflective activity on Monet's use of reflection: Reflections in Water

Helpful Links:
Our Artist Study Pages
Monet {part one}
Monet {part two}

Inspiration from: All Things Beautiful


Have Fun - Live Life said...

Thanks for the shading links :o)
We were attached to Van Gogh and seemed to study him for ages but sadly my youngest isn't as inspired by Monet.

Phyllis said...

As always, a wonderful art study post! I love all the resources you have gathered.

Richele said...

Sounds like fun! We had picture study today as well...shh.

Amy in Peru said...

we liked van gogh too! and it's probably more me that likes monet than they do... but excitement is catchy ;)
maybe he/she'll find one or two he/she can connect with if you look through one of the online galleries...?
it's always interesting that the my favorites are not their favorites, but we can all usually find something we like! :)
...I pretty much like it all! :)

Silvia said...

Great ideas. I love how you've put the pictures really shows more his appreciation for different light and seasons in the same landscape.

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