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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sketch tuesday: desserts

So, here we go again!  Another Sketch Tuesday!!  

Stay tuned because we're working on a Peruvian culture post that we'll post later this week!

Here's a clue... I'm made of wood, a nail and string... I fly spinning through the air... if I miss I might get hit with a machete...



Silvia said...

Cheese is not weird ma'am...LOL, for us cheese lovers, cheese is everything, appetizer, main dish, side, and dessert!
Amy, everybody is exhausted and you all keep going, how do you do it?

Jeanne said...

Absolutely no idea who or what you are, m'dear!

Ginger said...

LOVE the sketches! How do you make the collage? So fun to see the progression of ages and skill - and those 'pointy things' - too cute!. Could you be a top?

Richele said...

I'll have what you're having, Amy!

Is it a spinning top? We received some from Ecuador and I admit that they scare me.

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