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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Champion hen-catcher

Re:Year 0 HNS Discussion Birds (ppgs. 26-35); Introduction & Lessons 1,2,3

I'm in agreement with the rest who've mentioned that this lesson isn't meant to be worked out in its entirety for children who are very young (she even mentions that in some places, as well as in the bibliography certain resources are recommended only for the adults). It is GREAT for us moms to have prepared ourselves so that in casual conversation with our littles we can give them just the pieces of information that we think will spark ideas in their little minds. The hope being that those little tidbits will ignite a whole train of grand ideas and thoughts... we never know what all goes on in those little heads!!

My answers didn't differ enough from everyone else's to merit a repeat here.  Let it suffice to say that learning about bird life has caught my attention as I've been following the birds outside for sometime now since finding a nest with eggs...

Another thing that is interesting to me is how God has designed the whole camouflage aspect and how differently dressed birds have different habits, like the fancy oriole that she mentions. wow!
I already knew most of this, but it was fun to hear her take on that particular bird.

The birds we have here in Peru are DIVERSE. Peru is known to have the largest diversity of birds anywhere in the world... suffice it to say I have lots of favorites ;) but my special backyard visitors are probably most loved. As for beautiful, tanagers, McCaws, King Vulture, all the varieties of mealy parrots... then there are the UGLY birds... toucan (seriously misproportioned!), turkeys, Groove-billed Anis...

I love this discussion!  I'm very excited to play along.


PS. We just had a blast tonight as the chickens got out of their coop and my 5yo was the champion and caught both hens. If you've never had chickens perhaps you wouldn't understand how VERY challenging this is!! ;)

PPS.  I think I mentioned on list that I posted the bibliography links... it's scheduled for tomorrow!!  so please come back again!!  ;)  You'll be glad you did!!


Arnold said...
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Richele said...

We love our bird study as well and, um, no, I NEVER tell them it is school : )

Champion hen catcher - great job!

Melissa said...

That is one good lookin' hen catcher!

Love the diversity in birds you guys get to experience where you are...awesome!

MamaAngie said...

Thanks for sharing the year 0 yahoo group. The bird discussion is very timely for us since we just got 70 baby chicks last week! I do hope that they won't all "fly the coop" as they get bigger. They're hard enough to catch in the brooder!

amy in peru said...

hahahah! last time he caught the chicken I attempted to look (in a casual fashion, because of course we're not 'schooling' here) for the hen's oil gland ala Comstock. have you ever done this? it borders somewhere near gross to immodest. I never did find it... any ideas?


@Melissa, he must take after my beloved... ;) me too! such fun to see all kinds of cool stuff around here!!

@MamaAngie, I'm so glad that you're excited too! Hopefully it will be helpful, though I don't know that the discussion will focus a lot on hens on the list... I'm not sure how many actually own chickens! ;) they sure ARE hard to catch, little buggers! ...we've tried to raise chickens from eggs but our rooster likes to eat the eggs it seems. :(


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