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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ambleside Online audiobooks - on SALE! - or even FREE!

I read through the entire book of Our Island Story with my two oldest boys.  I feel like it is quite an accomplishment as it stretched over several school years!  Our Island Story (alternately known as An Island Story as well) by HE Marshall is a spine history text for the first 4 years of Ambleside Online.  But the second time through, now that I am teaching more than just one year, I LOVE having the audio version for my y1 girl!  I just play the audio right here on the computer and she does her narration as normal.  Many times we listen to it together, but I've had her listen alone as well and draw her narration or just come and find me to tell it back. has a sale going on that you can find a lot of AO titles for $7.49!  Go check it out if you are interested in audios because the regular prices range anywhere from $10 - $30...

Our Island Story: Complete by H.E. Marshall
I bought mine for $38!!  This version is on sale for $25!  oh man!  

Some other titles on  (look under the Classic Literature category for more)
ahh.  free.  but there is one really annoying thing about free... beggars can't be choosy.  There are a lot of volunteer readers that do not read clearly or have pesky issues with their microphone resulting in terrible sound.  Or there's that special feature that if you regularly listen to librivox recordings, your kids will have the intro memorized in no time, "This is a librivox recording.  All librivox recordings are in the public domain..."  Yes.  kind of annoying over time.  All said, free is a very good price!!  Here is a REALLY helpful page I just found the other day that lists all the recordings of books on the Ambleside Online booklist in years 1-4 HERERecordings of the books on the Ambleside Online booklist for years 5-8 HERE.

Summer is fun for stocking up while things are on sale!  


    Nancy said...

    Great resource! Thanks for the heads-up on this great deal. How do you find the readers for this edition of OIS? I have paid for this in the past and ended up selling it because of the readers that we found annoying. I wonder if I can listen to a sample? I'll have to check it out.

    ...By Quiet Waters... said...

    Amy, this weekend I was looking at Itunes and found many audio books for $5.95! There is the option to listen to a sample, for each book as well :)

    I like putting our audiobooks onto our Itunes playlists, and uploading the books to the girls' shuffles when we are traveling (which we do quite often as even the bigger grocery store is over an hour away ;) )

    Pursuing Wisdom said...

    Amy, I've never used this source for downloads. thanks, but I wondered about how it works. Can I download it more than one time according to the agreement? I read thru many places on the faq dialogue place attached to the site and couldn't find the answer. How has your experience with the downloads worked for you?

    Laura Lou said...

    Although we still use Librivox for some things, when time is tight for instance, my kids loathe it and beg me to read. Some of the voices are so unexpressive or have a rise at the end like a Cali valley girl. Drives us nuts! We'll get an occasional audio-book from the library, but mostly I'm reading all day long (it seams).

    Thanks for the links!!

    Oh, and I've loved Our Island Story! It's a given in our home: mom read this one aloud no mat'ta how old you are. ;)

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, I am cracking up laughing- I thought my son was the only one that starts his narration with "this is a librivox recording......" Hee, hee! :) Thanks for sharing. It is comforting and so helpful! God bless!

    Grace and peace,
    Jenn E in KS

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