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Monday, June 7, 2010

Artist Study: Monet {part four}

This week we did something different and fun for artist study.   Since we've read up quite a bit now on Monet and have a pretty good overall sense of his works (apart from seeing them in person of course!), we decided to have another hands-on lesson.  I think I will call it manual narration...

What we did:
Each person chose their favorite print from our Monet selections.  They were allowed to look, memorizing it, as long as they needed, but once they were ready, they were to turn it over and sketch as well as they could from memory.

Once finished with everything they could remember, they could look back again at their print and fill in the details.  They did a REALLY good job!  I think that one key to success on this is that I joined them in the effort.  I was the first one to set out on the project and the last one to finish.
It was too much fun to pass up!

I took the idea from here :)
"Sometimes we study [the print], and then I ask them to pose as the picture (not doable with landscapes!) sometimes after looking at it intently, I ask them to sketch it, roughly, for me, explaining the main idea is not to duplicate it perfectly but to give the idea of where things are in the painting."  ~Wendi AO Picture Study Page

Helpful Links:
Some of my favorite information I've run across lately online in regard to Picture Study are:
Richele's Art Appreciation - Picture Talks at her blog, Barefoot Voyage
and Picture Talks by Miss K. R. Hammond of the P.N.E.U.
I posted on how we make our prints for artist study HERE.

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Carrie said...

Sounds great, Amy! Thanks for another fabulous idea!

I'll be re-reading this one when I get to planning artist study for fall! ;)

Phyllis said...

Yes, we have done that, but my boys don't take to it like yours seem to. I think they are too afraid. We still do it from time to time (as long as I promise not to blog it.) :)

BTW: I couldn't see your picture of your kids works on the post. Just a white box.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the visit! Our counter was free thanks to our church constructing a new building! I am looking into the BBC videos here on your blog.

Unknown said...

Don't blush! I like your blog! I always add a read I like at the moment I find it, or I know I will forget it, so I just run over and copy the link to my widget!

Amy Walker said...

Amy! It's a small world in bloggersphere I think. I just was looking at a blog link on org.junkie's meal plan monday and saw your picture on the Blog Frog as I was leaving a comment. CRAZINESS. Tom and I talk about you guys often, I know we met briefly but it really impacted us. Tom often mentions how inspiring Micah was to him and me too seeing you guy's beautiful family. YAY!!!!!!!! I just started a new blog
Praying for you guys. Please tell Micah hello. Tom is going to Haiti in 2 weeks! I'll be spending the week in my hometown with my parents. He was just mentioning how great it would be to come help you guys out with some building stuff too...anyway, I"m leaving a book. BYE!!!

oh yeah we have personal blog

Richele said...

Your drawings are very, very good. Please let me know, Amy, if there was even one ounce of frustration with that exercise.

I've always shied away from having the kidlets copy the masters but at our last visit to the Clark they were each handed a drawing pad at the ticket window "in case they were inspired." Upon reaching the 16th c. veritas still lifes they both hurriedly took out pad and pencil. Nothing like some rotting fruit and a skull for inspiration.

Oh, and I'm really tickled to rub shoulders with Miss Hammond. Thanks. ...& I want the link to the prints. Why don't I see it?

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

I love this idea. Would love to convince my kids to try it; maybe if I'm enthusiastic enough about doing it myself.

Phyllis said...

I have come back again to see your children's drawings and I am amazed. They are so wonderful. You have some talented kids!

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