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Sunday, February 20, 2011

life in a small apartment

Living in small spaces certainly has advantages. I do find it necessary to remind myself of them regularly, however :) Here's a small attempt to do that...

We set aside several hands-on project kits from Christmas that are particularly interesting to the kids, knowing that we'd have more 'inside' time than we normally had when we were in the jungle. Though having toys with myriad small parts is not necessarily conducive to small spaces (nor extremely messy ones that involve chipping away at finely packed dust particles that fly and attach themselves to every surface within a three room radius), because of these cool projects, they have grown in their interest and knowledge of several key skill areas!  A living education!  They've both been thrilled with their machine building & excavation kits.

Living in small spaces necessitates that the kids play cooperatively.  There simply is not enough room in the apartment for each child to play independently.  I've enjoyed watching their creativity.  Even if there are disagreements regularly, I'd prefer that over siblings who will not play together!  :)

'A place for everything and everything in its place', because if it's not, believe you me, we will certainly trip over it. Our kitchen, like our entire apartment, is very compact, but super serviceable. I give thanks every day thrice over for the blessing of this little space to live in. We get along quite well, and less space means less to keep clean.  Hooray!  And it makes me silly happy just to see the colors, but I'm funny like that. :)

From the fourth floor, we have a really great view of the park in front of our house, which actually in itself provides lots of viewing entertainment.  We see sunsets longer than everyone else, we see the birds' business from the tops of the trees and we get a good breeze.  Are you getting jealous?! ;)

I've also concentrated on making it a beautiful place to live.  Not necessarily from another person's standpoint, but things that are beautiful to us, almost entirely composed of things we've found outside or in the fruit/vegetable market. well, that and books. 
nature and books, two of my most favoritest things in all the world. ;)
So, living in small spaces is kinda nice after all.



Amanda said...

Such a beautiful post. We live in a small space too. i find it a challenge to make it all work. I have felt inspired and humbled reading your post this morning. What a sweet mama you are to give your children such a rich education in Charlotte Mason and to be so happy with what God has provided you with.

Thankful I found your blog:)

Phyllis said...

Every space you and your family are in is beautiful.

Nancy Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nancy Kelly said...

It looks like a cozy, sweet home! Your optimism is contagious and everyone looks happy. Do you know how long you will be at this apartment?
Ring true,
P.S. - I really like that door!

Richele said...

Can you squeeze us in? I'd love a fresh mango to munch while the kids are playing and we're watching the birds.

Your kitchen looks a lot like mine in Russia, Amy. We are currently blessed with a small, comfortable house but sometimes I do miss our really tiny spaces - both the extreme togetherness and the amount of time it took to clean it!

amy in peru said...

Welcome! I certainly feel your 'pain' so to speak... it definitely has had entirely to do with much grace granted as well as seriously being reminded again and again how good God is, and just plain making a decision to maintain perspective. thank you for your kind encouragement :) smiles to you!

I've missed you so much! I keep skimming over your posts in my reader, wishing I had more time to comment! You're amazing as usual! ;)

I had to come over here because I had no idea what door you were referring to! but thank you :) I love the nice wood doors & floors too, we've really been blessed with the cheap rent we pay for this nice (even if tiny) apartment. yes, and it also helps to appreciate it all the more knowing that it will not be forever :) we'll be traveling back to the States mid-March, so we'll be here until then.

absolutely! c'mon over, I'll be here all day ;)

Unknown said...

I'm originally from the Philippines.. I know what small and inconvenient means :) This IS a blessing for the kids :) I appreciate the little things because of it.

"I've also concentrated on making it a beautiful place to live.Not necessarily from another person's standpoint, but things that are beautiful to us"

... love it!

Melissa said...

Nature and books are two of my most favoritest things too!
Glad to see your perky perspective on things. We live in about 900 sq feet and I often have to remind myself of it's beauties as well!

martine said...

Hi Amy,
I am so glad you are looking at the bright side now ;-). And I know two more things that are great about your apartment: You have a beautiful wooden floor (and I know what a difference a floor can make!) ánd you have cupboards in your kitchen :). But I do wonder how you ever do the dishes in such a small sink!

Jennifer @ Natural Parents Network said...

I am so glad there is someone else in the world that can see the positive sides to living in a small apartment with children! You are so very right about making in your own beautiful space, and I (mostly!)love watching my boys try to play in the same area amicably!

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