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Saturday, February 12, 2011

weekly nature journal {printable}

Need a little help with nature study?  Sometimes I do.

Here we are back on the coast of Peru, and I'll just say that the coastal region is NOT as beautiful and lusciously inviting as the jungle.

not at all.

Here we are finding that we are no longer naturally drawn outdoors.  Well, that and living in an apartment on the fourth floor behind several sets of locked doors has it's deterring factors as well I suppose.  It's rather difficult to get out!

Oh, and we're supposed to be actually increasing our journal entries this term.

So, to help with this dilemma, I've crafted up some pages that will give my guys some guidelines, freedom to choose the format of their daily journal entries, as well as a list of ideas for what to write/sketch every day.

Yes, I said EVERY day.

Right. That hasn't happened yet, mind you. :)

I want us to get into the habit, at least for a time, of taking note of the glories we see outdoors, keeping our eyes open to the beautifully simple gifts of every day.

These journaling pages are very utilitarian and will never actually take the place of our official nature journals (occasionally handcrafted, always highly valuable books that are meant to be more contemplative and artistic).

Have a look, download the pages, but keep in mind, it may be more helpful to use them to come up with ideas for making something all your own  :)

I've included a eensy-weensy bit of instruction, a list of places to begin to look for nature inspiration, and several different formats for pages. Some have more lines for writing, others have more room for the sketches. I've let my boys choose, and they both chose the same format I would have chosen (the first).

Download here:

There are two different files with exactly the same content, just different orientation, 
choose whichever suits best...
{landscape} and {portrait}


Melissa said...

With all of our crazy snow here in the South, we did some Nature Journaling in the snow, of course, but also from the couch. We snuggled up close to a window and made our observations from there and put them in our journal. I was pleased with what we were able to do from inside!

Richele said...

Ah, the urban jungle. In my apartment in St. Pete I had a choice of cockroaches or mosquitoes to observe.

Very resourceful of you to come up with suggestions/guidelines and printable pages. Interesting that the guys chose your first choice as well.

Amy said...

Hi Amy in Peru,
I saw your name written on a comment @ Lynette's blog and had to follow the link. We live one country below you and I know Peru well as I lived and was married there. I am also a homeschooling mama blogger too. I tucked your blog in my reader so I can follow along. Would enjoy having you visit mine.
Amy in Bolivia
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