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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nature Study - June 8th

The real color of these flowers almost hurt my eyes they were so intensely pink.
I didn't change the coloring in the picture...

red hot cheet-o flower


whirly-gig spinny flower
(obviously not its official name)

zapote. grows on trees and is not very yummy

lovely flutterby

spider checking out the view

red hot cheet-o flower, again.

we saw about 203 of these kind of butterflies flitting about.

pinon colorado (name in Spanish)

red hot cheet-o flower, again.  you may be noticing a recurrent theme by now.
these obviously caught my attention.  I still can't believe how it looks like someone pulled a cheet-o out of his pocket that had gotten mixed up with his spilled bag of previously sucked on red hot candies.

a cocoon!  woohoo!

can you see the leaf that doesn't belong?!  hilarious I was about 3 inches away from this flowering plant taking its picture when of a sudden I noticed a leaf that highly resembled a praying mantis we had caught and studied extensively last year... hahahah!

Notes for the Journal...

Weather: fresh from previous day rain.  Cloudy with some sun.
Route: We walked straight up our road, onto the high road, cut across the empty field down to the highway. We crossed the highway and found the praying mantis in the old weigh station.  Went the back road up through the empty lot, recrossed the highway at the gas station to home.
Treasures: we brought home one of the red hot cheet-o flowers and a green nut of some sort.


Autismland Penny said...

I am so jealous of your nature walks! It looks like a fun time for everyone.

Silvia said...

AMAZING, Miss Amy, you guys are non stop learners, right at work rain or sunshine!
I've loved that Cheet-o flower, being cheetos my fav. snack. It's beautiful.
And the mantis, great catch...thanks for pointing to it, it was well disguised.

Diane said...

Love the flowers.. you take your walks like I like them, slow and looking for Gods creations at the same time...

Trisha said...

It's wonderful to see what you're enjoying of God's creation in Peru!
And, I'm lovin' that really pink flower. :) My children would bring me lots of those.

Richele said...

Who will come out of that cocoon??

Unknown said...

We are going on one right now!

Phyllis said...

Wow, some of those flowers are so unusual looking. Are you used to them now? Very beautiful post.

Johnna said...

The nature you live among is most amazing!

Martine said...

That flower is amazing, I have never ever seen it before. I think I should start looking for it!

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