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Monday, September 26, 2011

Atmosphere: Intentional Living

Wildflowers gathered - August 2011, Sunriver, OR

I overheard a really important question yesterday, the answer to which is, I think, worth reminding ourselves of on a very regular basis, 

"How do YOU stop and really live intentionally every day?"

After thinking it over a little more, my answer is as follows:
LeAnn... read aloud ;) heheh. seriously, I have been thinking the same thing as I may only have 5 more years with my oldest... yikes, did I just write that?! oh my.

Honestly, I don't live intentionally every day. I don't. But I do aspire to try.
I don't want to settle in to intentionally survive each day; I want to really live.

First, we must begin to consciously treasure up the moments, realizing how fleeting and how precious it is to have our children where they are RIGHT NOW. We can never ever have this moment back. Treasure the three year old jabber that oh too soon will turn to proper speech, boys spluttering constant motor sounds before they realize it's not "cool", the carefree over-accessorizing eight year old flaunting pink and pearls, tights and tutus, pigtails and braids prior to becoming fashion conscious, preteens proud in their becoming before blushing unsure of just what that really foretells.
Because really, someday they will fly, fly away. 

I might cry now.


Here's a couple more strategies I'm putting into practice on a regular basis:

turn. off. the. computer. (and other time-wasting devices)
read aloud.
drop everything and go outside.
eat ice cream as often as possible.
play games instead of watching tv or movies.
remember to take pictures.
pray often.
work together on meals and cleanup.
play music.
light candles just 'cause.
make tea and drink it in kid-sized tea cups.
stay charged up... get enough sleep, read the Word, drink coffee, stay in touch w/ friends, etc.
when cranky, take a break.
practice random acts of affection.
cuddle them tight.
let go of what I can't control.

What things do the rest of you do to live intentionally?


Pam... said...

Awesome Amy. Good stuff.

Jeanne said...

Lots of food for though here, my friend. I think I should intentionally put together a list like this as well. Before it is too late.

Penney Douglas said...

Great list! I think I'll print it out and use it as a checklist!

Unknown said...

Love your list! and your encouragement!!!!
Here are a couple more ideas

* Sing out loud. Worship songs, silly songs, folk songs...
* Dance with your kids, even if you don't really know anything about dancing.
* Remember there is a God and you are not it...haha! That translates "You can't do everything, cut yourself some slack and take all the pieces to Him.
* Keep a bar of dark chocolate buried somewhere in your drawer
* ...and all the things you said, of course!
Your list is so inspiring!

Nancy Kelly said...

Amy, dear.

Just yesterday, when my 8 year old asked, "Mommy, will you take just ME on a walk?" at 9:30 in the morning, I did just that. It was very cool.
I need to grant these requests much more often 'cause I get that whole - they'll be gone really soon - thing. I might cry now, too.

I must, however, not eat ice cream as often as possible because it's possible every day here and well, the results would not be pretty.

Wonderful thoughts.

Admiration, Hope and Love


Lanaya said...

I want to say thank you so much for doing the CM blog carnival, Amy! I know it's got to take some time and effort. And it is so good and fun to read through. Thank you!

Craig and Bethany said...

That list -- wow. I'm going to cogitate on that for a while. Thank-you.

Gina said...

I needed to read this today. I panic when I think of how fast our children are growing up. I need to stop, and enjoy TODAY!

Alesha said...

Thank you, Amy! I've been so encouraged by your blog. I feel like we're friends because of it. :D Lord willing, I'll get to know you face to face someday, but until then, I just wanted to let you know that you've been a blessing.


Alesha said...

Thank you, Amy! I'd love to get to know you in person some day, but until then, I wanted you to know that I feel like we're already friends! I started reading Charlotte Mason because of you over a year ago. :) It fit with so much we already saw to be important. Thanks for the great post!

Unknown said...

Enjoyed this post today Amy. I am looking from the other end of the trail and can confirm your words. You will miss all the "little" things like smelling tops of freshly bathed heads and folding little baby clothes. A mother's heart can stop up a million wonderful memories if you slow down enough to see their beauty.
I highly recommend some sort of journal even if you don't write in it every day.
I know you have a long way to go before your youngest(baby to be) will be sixteen like my youngest. But, it will arrive...that day that they are all grown people.
Be won't regret it.

walking said...

* laugh when things go wrong
* laugh at your own foibles
* go on your daily walk even when it rains
* let the Holy Spirit take care of your kids when you worry needlessly when they are away from home
* knit to keep your hands busy while your struggling narrate retell a story

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