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Friday, September 2, 2011

good news and bad news

*For tickets purchased before August 30, 2011:
Two bags checked - No charge

For tickets purchased on or after August 30, 2011:
$30 for the second checked bag. Exceptions may apply.


It is becoming more and more expensive to travel every day.

Thankfully, we don't have to pay for the second bag this time around. But seriously, it's ridiculous! For tourists, perhaps one bag is reasonable, but for people who live overseas this is seriously tragic.


Sarah Familia said...

So true! We just bought plane tickets last week, and I am just dying about this.

Thomas and Lisa said...

I agree. It definitely will make it challenging for our family living in the Philippines.

6intow said...

Definitely! We have good friends who are missionaries in Brazil and for some reason there are often exceptions to the baggage fees for travel to Brazil. Good for them, but still odd.

You guys are in our prayers!

Deedee said...

I'm with you on that one!! When I first moved to England it was two bags at 70lbs maximum. Then it was two bags at 50lbs maximum. This year it was one bag at 50lbs maximum!!! We took five bags into the states and paid for bringing 10 back! Still cheaper than the cost of shipping for 250lbs of goods but certainly put the price up over all! Like you say - for those living overseas it is a real hardship. Bless you all as you prepare to travel. Praying for safety and a smooth trip and connections. xxx

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Stinks how it all adds up, doesn't it? And now you know why so many people carry on their luggage and there is no room left in the overhead bins. But with kids in tow and international travel, who wants to mess with lugging them around?

Martine said...

Yes, it's too bad. So, bring as much as you can this time :). You may also see it this way, so far you have been very lucky to be able to bring so much! Till last year, we could bring 25kg per person, and now it has been reduced to 1 bag of 23 kg. An additional bag costs 50 euro's, if you pay ahead. Otherwise, it's 60. Sad, isn't it?
Well, good luck packing, it's not an easy job!

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